Are you making these 3 mistakes with your online business👇?

This year, I transitioned my business from Strength Training and Nutrition coaching to Business Coaching for Fitness Professionals and I’ve seen 3 very common themes come up across the board – ESPECIALLY over the past month as I’ve been speaking to A LOT of Fitness Professionals about helping them to transition their business online. [I talked about this in detail in my IGTV from this past Friday, April 3, 2020. I included a replay of this IGTV at the end of this post.]

These mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of, as it is part of the learning process of knowing how to adapt your Fitness Business to the online space. In fact, early on in my online business, I made the same mistakes.


  • Use excel spreadsheets+google sheets for programs.
  • Email+text message for communication+video exchange.
  • Sit on FaceTime or ZOOM for an hour or more watching your client train.

This is INEFFICIENT because the program, communications, and coaching is not centralized in ONE place. You are all over the place managing communications and coaching in multiple places AND replicating trading time for money like you do in person while sitting on a video call watching your client train for an hour or more.

SOLUTION: Part of the beauty of online coaching is that, if structured EFFICIENTLY with a streamlined+centralized coaching platform, you can spend less time doing the same thing that you do in-person with your clients. Therefore, you can take on more clients, make more money, and have more time leftover to grow your business in other ways.


You develop an excessive number of price offerings to accommodate each client’s desire to the point that you can no longer keep track of price packages, expirations, and renewals. As a result, not only do you feel disorganized, but you lose money.

SOLUTION: INSTEAD, offer 2-3 SERVICE+PRICE OFFERINGS that serve your business EFFICIENTLY so that your business can grow and profit.


You spend THOUSANDS of dollars on any and all strength/fitness/movement, etc. certifications to hone in on your craft of coaching but spend ZERO dollars on Business Coaching to help you to learn more about running and growing your business.

SOLUTION: Hire a Business Coach.

See my IGTV replay below for more and apply to schedule a FREE CONSULT with me to chat more about this and how I can help you to grow your online business ==> HERE <==

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