Last summer I made a promise to you…

Last July 2019, I launched my Summer Shred v2.0 program…

Last August 2019, Eric launched his Circuit Shred program…

After Eric launched his Circuit Shred program, I combined the two for my own wicked training program and promised you that I would share this genius and mischievous combo with you as a Summer Shred v3.0.

Even though, this year, we pivoted our business to business coaching for Fitness Professionals who want to build their online businesses, I’m keeping my promise to you…

BECAUSE, even though my primary focus now is Business Coaching…

I am STILL, and always will be, a Strength Coach.

I still walk-the-walk, lift weights daily, and fuel my body with nutritious foods that support my training and optimal hormone balance… AND

Kettlebells are and will always be, my first love, AND…

Whatever evil genius strength training program I develop is most enjoyed when it’s shared with those who share my passion.

With that in mind, we have combined the BEST of both worlds from our Summer and Circuit Shred programs to bring you a kick-ass, kettlebell crushing hybrid program ==> THE SUMMER CIRCUIT SHRED <== 

The Summer Circuit Shred will launch on July 2, BUT, PRE-LAUNCH, starting on July 1, for 24 hours ONLY, we will offer 50% off the program ONLY to the first 10 programs sold AND ONLY to the people who are on the Summer Circuit Shred Waitlist.

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Below a sample of one of the Circuit Shred workout days… 

The Circuit Shred days are timed interval based strength training. Here is a sample of the 30 sec interval day. The format is 1 minute of continuous work before you have 40 seconds rest. Since all movements are unilateral, the format is 30 seconds of 1 exercise on 1 side, 7 seconds transition and then 30 seconds of the same exercise on the other side.

Do 3-4 rounds of the exercises listed below in a circuit as follows:

  • Overhead Press (R/L)
  • Chest Elevated Single Leg Hip Bridge (R/L)
  • 1 Arm Row (R/L)
  • Rear Foot Elevated (RFE) Split Squat (R/L)
  • Chest Press (laying on a bench to add a core element) (R/L)

On this day you want to keep reps to 12-15. 

What are you waiting for?? Sign up to get on the waitlist NOW to get early access and 50% off – limited to the first 10 programs sold!

==> Sign up for the Summer Circuit Shred waitlist ==> HERE <==


p.s. This may be the very last strength training program that we EVER launch, so don’t miss out!


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