The Summer Circuit Shred program and the Beefy Bundle of the…

  • Summer Shred v1.0
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  • Circuit Shred
  • Summer Circuit Shred

…are not just about getting SHREDDED, but most importantly, about being STRONG.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I always say,

Focus on what you can do vs. how you look, and on getting really strong, and the confidence, self-efficacy, and physique change you seek, will follow.

My number one priority is to follow a strength training program helps me to be strong and capable.

Yes, I like to kick my own ass with a million kettlebell swings until my eyeballs and feet sweat.

Yes, I like to feel confident about how I look in a bikini, shorts, and mini-skirts – BUT this confidence and self-acceptance comes first and foremost from feeling capable and strong.

If the physique change you seek follows as a result, then amazing… and 10 times out of 10 it will.

Yesterday I completed the 15 second interval day from the Summer Circuit Shred.

Part 1 of this day includes kettlebell deadlifts and pull-ups. Yesterday I did 194lbs deadlifts for sets of 5 reps and 30lbs weighted pull-ups for sets of 5 (STRONG & CAPABLE!).

Part 2 of this day is a strength circuit with 15 second intervals, which includes high plank bench rows. Yesterday I used 57lbs for the row (STRONG & CAPABLE!).

This day also includes plenty of pushing movements like presses, crossovers lunges, and push-ups. There is a balance of pulling and pushing movements EVERY DAY because not only is EVERY DAY LEG DAY, but EVERY DAY is TOTAL BODY.

Of course, this day also has a kettlebell swing finisher, because no workout is complete without kettlebell swings.

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