“Pandemic Pounds” Got You Down? I’m loving 😍 THIS right now…👇🏽

Back in 2016, I wanted to compete in powerlifting in the 52kg (114lbs) weight class in May of that year.

Normally I average 114lbs – 116lbs, BUT that year I had just wrapped up an INSANE 3 months of workshop and speaking travel…

This workshop/speaking/travel bonanza included a quick 7-day trip to Queensland, Australia to teach my women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift®, followed by…

A trip to New York City to speak at the Mark Fisher Fitness Lab less than 48 hours after my return from down under.

My exercise and nutrition routine was completely off and I was heavier than usual and I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get back to my 114lbs norm.

For MANY years I had been following intuitive eating, with a sustainable approach to nutrition, and couldn’t remember the last time I had followed fat loss diet.

Given my state at that time, mentally, and physically, I was READY FOR one.

I felt heavy, bloated, lethargic, unmotivated and completely out of a routine.

I didn’t just FEEL out of a routine, I WAS out of a routine…

For the two weeks that I traveled from Boston to Australia back to Boston, then to New York City, and then back to Boston, I did NOT exercise AT ALL.

I even brought a kettlebell with me to New York City, thinking that I was going to do some kettlebell quickies in my hotel room, and THAT did NOT happen.

I was so unmotivated at that point, WHO was I kidding??

To solve this and achieve my goal weight for my powerlifting meet in May, I bought a “cutting” diet template from Renaissance Periodization (RP).

I was ready for a physique and energy change and to feel motivated again.

Within 10 days I reached my goal weight, and oddly, I was loving weighing my food, counting macros, and following a plan. 

It was an exciting, motivating change from eating an entire bowl of ramen noodles followed by two ginormous chocolate chip cookies – which was my afternoon meal on one of the days I was in New York City speaking at the Mark Fisher Fitness Lab, btw…

I followed Renaissance Periodization that entire year and then we closed our gym and moved to Las Vegas.

I stopped following RP in 2017 after we moved. 

I kept to many of the principles I learned, but stopped religiously following templates.

In December of last year, 2019, we decided to pivot our business to Business Coaching for Strength Coaches and Fitness Professionals.

This pivot brought complete upheaval to our business, with many changes and LOADS of stress.

In January and February of this year 2020, I found myself struggling with many of the things that I had been struggling with during the winter of 2016 prior to following RP…

I did not just feel heavy, I started to weigh heavier than my 114-116 norm, and I was bloated more often than not, and unmotivated with my nutrition routine.

Rebuilding our business in this new direction was HARD. 

It created a lot more new, NEXT LEVEL work of creating new content, new programs, and running operations for a business that was quickly growing to multiple 6-figures.

Given my packed schedule during my workdays, I found myself choosing between eating and showering… 

I was skipping meals because I was on back-to-back coaching calls or just trying to complete tasks like it was a marathon.

THEN, when I would eat, I would be starving, so I would end up eating more in one sitting than I would have, had I kept up with consistent meals throughout the day.

THEN, the pandemic hit.

Since I work from home, errands, appointments, and trips to attend a group fitness classes, were all ways that I got in a little extra activity throughout my week in addition to my daily walks and lift sessions.

The pandemic halted all of this, PLUS added the stress of COVID looming, combined with a never-ending quarantine.

As you know, the quarantine welcomed watching lots of movies and shows as a social life PLUS lots of extra eating.

I got into a habit of enjoying a little too much extra almond butter and seednola, EVERY NIGHT.

Then the scale crept up past 116 to 118, then 119, and I even saw 120 on there at some point…

AND THEN, not only did I constantly feel bloated and heavy, but my clothes started to fit differently.

That was GAME OVER for me.

I could not remember a time that my clothes fit differently because I was packing on the pounds.

Not only did I need to get some structure back to my nutrition so that I could stop feeling bloated, heavy, and lethargic, BUT also,


I wasn’t taking care of myself and giving  my nutrition the attention it needed, and,

Our summer vacation was coming up and I wanted to feel comfortable, strong, and sexy in my bikini.

I wanted to feel like myself again!

I decided to get back to Renaissance Periodization, and NOW, they have an app!!

Over the past four years, they compiled all of the data and feedback they received from customers who used their templates into an innovative, KICK ASS, app! 

I took action, downloaded the app and started a cut.

I LOVE the app! 

In fact, I’m OBSESSED with it!!!

It’s intuitive and fun to pick foods and plan meals.

Using the app forced me to add variety to my meals as I planned meals to meet my macros , AND, 

With its guidance, I realized that I was eating way too much fat (which, deep down I knew this, based upon my almond butter exploits), too many carbs, and not enough protein.

I started on July 28 with a starting weight of 118.5lbs and a goal weight of 114lbs.

Within 8 days I was down to 115.5lbs.

Right now, 18 days after my start date, I’m hanging steady at 115.5lbs.

Weight aside as I shed the pandemic pounds, I feel like myself again – strong, lean, NOT bloated, AND

I have structure back to my nutrition.

I’m excited for vacation and ready to ROCK MY BIKINI!

COACHES NEEDS COACHES TOO and that’s exactly what this diet app is – an automated, virtual, nutrition coach that reminds me when I should eat, so that I make time to schedule in meal times, AND 

It guides me as to how much I should eat based upon my lifestyle and activity level.

What’s even better is that after I am done with this cut, I can follow a maintenance plan with the app that will help me to stay accountable with my nutrition.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way right now, post quarantine, amidst the pandemic…

I’m sure YOU feel out of your routine too!

If you want to join me and shed your, 



CORONA COVID ASS (I will share a story about this with you next week, haha!)

THEN get the RP diet app and use my code ‘ARTEMIS’ to get 33% off the subscription.

Download the app ==> HERE <== and enter ‘ARTEMIS’ at checkout!

After you start using the app, please share with me how you like it. I want to hear all about it!


Sending you vibes of positivity and abundance!


p.s. Next week I’ll share my “drill sergeant”/Corona COVID Ass story with you 😉 … haha!

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