Let’s Talk About What Money 💵 Really Is…

Money gets a bad rap.

I’m sure you’ve been taught that,

  • Money is BAD.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Only greedy, sleazy, BAD people like money and have lots of it.

Holding onto limiting beliefs like this not only blocks money from coming into your life, so that you’re constantly in debt and operating out of scarcity, BUT ALSO, prevents abundance, whether that abundance is money, happiness, freedom, and/or health, from flowing freely in your life.

You may not love money YET, but the truth is that money brings you freedom and abundance in all areas of your life – happiness, health, wealth!

Money is,

  • FREEDOM! Money gives you your time back and allows you to have the freedom to live a life more abundant because when you have money, you can,
  • ENJOY LIFE! Take a 2-week vacation to your dream destination (Big Island Hawai’i perhaps?), WHILE you…
  • BUILD YOUR DREAM BUSINESS! You pay a team of people to help you to run your business while you are on vacation, AND…
  • GIVE BACK! While you are on vacation, you tip often and generously and help support those in the service industry who have been seriously impacted by this challenging time, which in turn helps them to pay their bills, buy food to eat, and support their families.

Almost 4 years ago, I dreamed of,

  • Taking at least one REAL 2-week vacation per year to paradise.
  • Having a team of people to help me run my business so that I could have control of my schedule, more time on my hands, and truly be able to enjoy a REAL vacation.
  • Being able to go on vacation and out to dinner and spend money freely, including buying gifts for others or picking up the tab when out with friends or family, without worrying about my bank balance, paying my bills, or whether I would get more money to replace the money I was spending.

NOW, I am doing all of those things,

  • Not just one, but TWO 2-week vacations per year to Hawai’i.
  • Paying a team of people to run our business while we are on vacation, or not.
  • Spending money freely and confident that there is money in the bank, the bills will get paid, and we will always have enough.

Are you me 4 years ago? Do you struggle with limiting beliefs around money? Please share with me, I want to know!

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Sending you vibes of positivity and abundance!



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