Farewell 2020👋🏼! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Last night I said to Eric,

“There is NO part of this year that I would want to repeat.
Not even our shitty, “2020 juju-filled” vacations.”

You know how when you wake up late and you don’t get to do everything in your morning routine to get your mind right for the day?

So instead, you spend your whole day feeling out of sorts, completely disorganized and rushing, trying to catch up?

THAT was 2020 for me and probably everyone else on this planet.

Even though my 2020 Top Nine (pic below) shows that my year was still a lot about lifting and kettlebells, it was really a lot more about mindset, personal development, and business growth.

Here’s my 2020 in sum,

What I WON’T miss from 2020:

  • Our shitty vacation to Maui to celebrate my birthday which included,
    • Horrible weather.
    • An AirBnb that wasn’t even the equivalent of camping (not even GLAMping).
    • A shit ton of extra money spent to switch AirBnbs trying to salvage the vacation.
  • Learning that my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer (he’s 100% cancer free now BTW!).
  • Learning how to be the most courageous and positive human and entrepreneur as we decided to pivot our business in February to business coaching and as a result,
    • Dropped to zero clients.
    • Lost followers+email subscribers.
    • Had a $3.5k month.
I was absolutely scared shitless about whether or not I had made the right decision.
  • These 3 things happened all in the same week in March,
    • The pandemic.
    • Having to bag our already launched+money that we didn’t have spent to create it, I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Mentorship workshop program because of the pandemic and come up with something new.
    • Learning that our 18-month old Frenchie pup Bruno had terminal cancer.
  • In June, putting Bruno down.
    • Putting him the car so that Eric could take him to the vet was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I don’t know how Eric held him in his arms while the vet put him to sleep, but, that’s what what Eric needed to have peace.
  • Another shitty vacation, this time to Mexico.
    • In June, we booked our annual trip to The Big Island, Hawaii, but had to cancel it because of quarantine restrictions due to the pandemic. We needed to get away, so we opted for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Soon to learn, that 2020 overall had bad juju, and just like our first vacation to Maui in January, that babd juju spilled into this one.
  • Spending pretty much the entire month of October sick with a parasite that I had picked up from a work retreat to Tulum, Mexico.
    • I spent way too much time in Mexico this year…
What I am GRATEFUL for:
  • My business coach Amanda Bucci and all of her support and guidance this year ANDcontinuing with her mastermind in 2021!!
  • Learning about my limiting beliefs about money and self-worth and working through them.
HOLY balls there were a lot of them and they ran DEEP!
  • Successfully pivoting our business, to business coaching within 9 weeks!
    • It was a really long, painful, scary, filled with almost giving up moments, 9 weeks.
  • Creating our EmpowerU Business Academy (BEST program EVER!) to replace the I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Mentorship program.
  • All of the incredible clients who trusted us to help them start and grow their online businesses.
  • Hitting months of revenue at $26k, $27k, $28k+ many at $20k and achieving our annual revenue goal.
  • Growing from a team of 2 people to a team of 4 people.
  • Our TEAM,
    • Simona our Online Business Manager
    • Brittany our Virtual Assistant
    • Plus a few amazing contractors who we hired to help us with copywriting.
  • The followers and email subscribers who STAYED and still support me/us!
  • PLUS the NEW followers and email subscribers I/we gained!
  • My 81-year old dad is cancer free!
  • My husband and our new pup Miki.
    • Eric is seriously SUPER DAD to our new pup.
  • Having a solid foundation for a brand new business with tons of client success stories so that we can crush 2021!
What is one thing you WON’T miss from 2020 and what is one thing from 2020 you are grateful for?
Please share by responding to this post!

Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


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