“She’s So EXTRA🙄”

When I was training for the Iron Maiden Challenge, because of my ballet background, I would always want to finish pistol squats with a little EXTRA…

Even though this was my fullest expression that filled me with ultimate joy, I felt conflicted.

I felt conflicted because although I was being my authentic self, one of our instructor codes of conduct is, ‘’I Am A Quiet Professional”.

AND because in general, we learn that showing ALL the parts of ourselves, extravagant, flashy, colorful, over the top and all, IS BAD.

Don’t be too much.

Don’t be so dramatic.

Don’t be EXTRA.

I judged myself and thought,

“Was I not being a quiet professional? Will others judge me and think that I’m not being a quiet professional?”

The thing is, NOTHING about my training for the Iron Maiden Challenge OR the day that I completed it was quiet.

From the day that I started training for the Iron Maiden Challenge I shared EVERY part of my journey…

The good…

The bad…

The failures…

The victories…

The things that I was ashamed of…

The things that I was scared of…

The things that I was proud of…

…and people gathered around to listen and follow along.

For the most part, I was completely supported throughout my journey with love and strength.

However, at one point, a colleague cautioned me not to be so public about my training.

To keep it to myself.

At that moment, I remember second guessing myself…

But then, despite my fears and insecurities about being judged, I decided to keep on sharing and to keep on being the EXTRA that is authentically ME.

As a result, 

I built a following.

I created a tribe.

I started a MOVEMENT of women who weren’t afraid to lift and started to focus on what they could DO instead of how they looked…

…and this MOVEMENT became the solid foundation from which I built my multiple 6-figure (and growing) business.

Authenticity is POWERFUL.

Nobody can be YOU the way that YOU can be YOU.

Being the most authentic version of you gives you the ULTIMATE competitive advantage.

As an online coach, your success depends upon your ability to build relationships and to get your ideal client to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST YOU.

TRUST, which is the foundation of any successful relationship, leads to SALES.

When you are your authentic self, EXTRA, TOO MUCH or otherwise, then you automatically differentiate yourself from other coaches online and you STAND OUT and give your ideal client many more reasons to choose YOU as their coach.

So even if there are 100 other coaches online selling the same service as you, if you are UNAPOLOGETICALLY your authentic self and exude confidence (something that others want more of) you will stand out, attract your ideal client, and grow your business, EXPONENTIALLY.

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Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,



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