TRUE STORY: We paid 💰 for our 2019 Hawaii 🌺 vacation while we were on it.

How to make EASY💵 while you’re on vacation.

After we closed our gym, we vowed to never again live a life where money was a struggle and to go back to feeling trapped by our business.

So in 2017 I started an annual ritual of launching one DIY kettlebell program each year.

In 2017 this was the “Kettlebell Crusher”. This had been a small group training program that I had created for our clients when we had our gym. It was a kick ass program chock full of all of my favorite things – pull-ups, deadlifts, double kettlebell complexes, get-ups, and swing finishers.

It sold like hot cakes.

Then in 2018 I shifted my annual DIY launch ritual to be a summertime event.

I created a program for myself, the “Wedding Shred” (now renamed the “Summer Shred”), to get shredded and lean for our wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii on 7.8.2018.

This program was a sweaty, swing, bonanza and I loved every minute of it. Because of that, as soon as we returned from our wedding and mini-moon in Hawaii, I launched this program.

Again, this program sold like wildfire.

PRO TIP: SHARE, don’t sell. You see, when you share, not sell, and your offer is backed by service, love, and a genuine desire to share and help, it sells itself.

In 2019 I decided to shift my annual DIY launch ritual over the July 4th holiday.

Eric was still working for Cirque du Soleil then so we had to take our summer vacation to Hawaii over his 2-week “dark”. That year his dark fell over July 4. Right when I had planned to launch the DIY.

That year I created and tested the “Summer Shred 2.0”. I thought the first version couldn’t get any better, but I completely upleveled the Summer Shreds with this one.

Before we left for vacation I planned everything out with a waitlist, a pre-sale offer, and a special launch price.

So when I launched the program right before we left for vacation, sales were EASY.

The pre-sale sold out and the program was selling so well that we woke up to sales everyday AND continued to make sales on the beach, while we were snorkeling, and while we were having sunset happy hour.

We were getting PAID to be on vacation and in fact, the sale of this program actually paid for our Hawaii vacation that year!

The funny thing is that we actually ENJOYED marketing this program while we were on vacation.

The social media posts were easy to write and I would repurpose them as emails (another “pro-tip” ;)).

We were doing less, attracting more, and having fun along the way.

I know as a wellness entrepreneur, when you and your time ARE your product it can be hard to imagine setting up your business so that you can make money without having to be there… I KNOW because I was a fitness and nutrition coach for 12 years!

Maybe you think → “If I put my business down and take a vacation, it will all fall apart.”

BUT, the truth is, it IS possible.

It IS possible to create DIY programs and courses, stack your offers and implement launch strategy, as well as lead magnets and automated sales funnels, so that you make money, while you’re sleeping and to fuel your life, business, and dreams while you are at the grocery store, in the shower, hanging with your people, and even on vacation.

Knowing this, how about you reframe that thought to be → “If I set my business up to run while I’m on vacation, I will enjoy my life, invite abundance, and appreciate everything my business does for me.”

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With abundance & easy monies,

Artemis + Eric

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