The Instagram Robot Rant 🤖

What to do when Instagram hates you.

Each of us has gone OFF at the algorithm lately.

Totally separately.

Triggered by totally different rage spirals.

Because seriously.

We are sick of this sh*t.

Marketing your business used to be fun.

Instagram used to be fun.

It used to be about community and connection. It was a solid place to find leads for your business.

The effort you put in used to be rewarded.


Now it’s just a mess.

It feels like massive changes hit us once a month, and those changes require us to make huge shifts in how we use the platform.

Over time, creating content for Instagram has gone from something we like to do, to something we have to do.

And we have to show up in the ways the damn robots want us to show up.

Post static images. Make them high-quality. You need professional photos. Okay now, do carousels. But put text in your carousels. But don’t put text in your carousels, though!

Okay, now we’re a video platform because we can’t handle that TikTok exists. So make videos. Our platform is convoluted and difficult to use and we don’t give you metrics for a while. But do it. Now do it again.

Also, go live. Make sure you go live every 3-5 minutes. And then post that live video to your IGTV. And then share it on your stories. But for god’s sake don’t share it on your stories, you maniac!

It. Is. Maddening.

How are we ever supposed to keep up?

More importantly– how are we ever supposed to sell when there’s this much noise in the way?

As online wellness entrepreneurs, you’re no stranger to the saturation of the digital wellness space.

It was one thing when there were only a handful of practitioners online, but in 2020, everyone was forced to take their practices virtual.

So how on earth are you supposed to stand out?

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we teach you how to take your ONE message and spread it across multiple platforms to meet your audience where they are.

Think of it this way:

You’re gardening and you have 1 tomato seed. You plant it, tend to it, and hope it grows. It does, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, there goes your effort. No fruit for you.

This is posting on Instagram.

Now, imagine you’re gardening and you have 100 tomato seeds. They’re all the same type of tomato seed, and they’ll yield the same fruit, but now you have 100 opportunities for your seeds to take off and grow into something you can harvest.

This is posting your message across multiple platforms.

If we put all of our eggs in the Instagram basket, we’ll be disappointed.

It didn’t used to be this way, but this is the downside of using free platforms: They make the rules.

On the other hand, if you take your Instagram caption intention and maximize it to meet your audience where they’re at, you could turn that one caption into:

  • A YouTube video
  • A blog post
  • A nurture email
  • A lead magnet intro
  • A tweet
  • A Facebook post
  • A Facebook group discussion post
  • A TikTok video
  • Content for your group program
  • Content for a DM video to a warm lead
  • A marketing text message
  • A Slack message for your existing clients

There are SO many ways for you to reuse that content and hit more people.

In EmpowerU Business Academy we teach you to not rely on one platform.

At the absolute very least, we encourage you to have a lead magnet that rolls into a well-nurtured email list.

A lead magnet and email list are antidotes to your Instagram woes.

You can use your lead magnet to drive qualified leads to your email list by serving them first.

Now, your email list is full of people who have raised their hands and said, “I want to hear from you.”

You can get WAY more information from an email list than you can an Instagram following.

You have more control over who actually sees your content.

You can interact in a way that you can’t on social media.

And you’re not subject to the whims of robots (or at least, not as many robots).

You can nurture, connect, and sell on your email list.

You can segment and tag your list so different people receive different emails.

You can A/B test subject lines and content to see what your audience likes.

AND you don’t have to rely on cheap gimmicks, expensive photos, or desperate attempts to please the algorithm.

So yeah.

We’ll still be on Instagram, but we’re actively detaching from the results.

We choose to play, invite, and attract our people using all of our communities.

We love you for being part of this one!

Breathing in, breathing out,

Artemis + Eric

P.S. EmpowerU Business Academy is enrolling now for our 12-week Fall session. We start on September 21. It costs $5000 USD to pay in full, and there are payment plans available. Check it out now.

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