Here are 3 hot online business trends that are current RIGHT NOW:


OUT: The OLD launch model.

→ Long ass sales pages.

→ Month long launches.

→ Bombarding people DAILY with millions of sales posts and emails.

IN: The NEW launch model.

→ NO sales page and instead a checkout page link, OR a short sales page.

→ Short launches (10 days or less).

→ Selling in the DMs (quick chats+voice messages).

→ Selling via text message (quick chats+videos).

→ Selling to your email list BUT only sending a few emails (like 4-6ish depending on the length of your launch).


OUT: High ticket masterminds.

IN: Memberships, DIYs, short-ish courses (like 1-8 weeks), short FASTERminds (like 3-4 months long).


OUT: Fighting to outsmart the social media algorithms.

IN: Building your text message and email lists.

It is my job as a business coach to stay ahead of the latest trends so that I can help my clients to continue to have success.

I do my research, follow the right mentors, learn something new every day, and then implement this into my OWN business to test success.

FULL TRANSPARENCYWe spent the last week implementing MAJOR changes to our programs, offers, and business strategy based upon the feedback we gathered from our last 2 launches (Spring Mastermind+Fall EBA), combined with what we have learned over the past 6 months about the latest business strategy trends.

All of the IN trends that I mentioned in this email, just popped up over the past 8-10 months or so and some business coaches haven’t caught on yet.

Shame on them.

HOWEVER, we’ve been in the KNOW for quite some time now.

As a result, recently we’ve been helping our clients to restructure their launches, create memberships, and expand their offers to include courses and shorter length, lower ticket introductory offers.

If you’re looking to infuse something FRESH into your strategy and offers, we’ve got you 😉.

I (Artemis) have 1 1:1 coaching spot available RIGHT NOW and 2 opening up in October.

Eric has 2 1:1 coaching spots available RIGHT NOW.

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We have a few options to help you get started, like the Empowered Entrepreneur 3-month 1:1 starter coaching package.

SO, if the investment scares you a little, don’t worry, we’ve thought of that too, and we’ve got you there too😉.

Let’s keep it spicy 🌶 and stay #trending so that we can continue to make the monies 💵, shall we?

Keeping it Real AND Fresh,


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