The secret to growing a global 🌎 brand

Here is the secret to growing your online business from $0k – $100k In 10 Months…

  • Launch your 1:1 offer in Jan/Feb.
  • Sell a DIY during the summer.
  • Launch a group program in the fall.
  • Teach workshops quarterly.

This is what worked for me.

When I grew my part-time online business to a full time online business in 2019 I,

  • Launched my high ticket 1:1 offer in February.
  • Sold a DIY over July 4th weekend.
  • Launched a group coaching program in September.
  • Taught 4 I Am Not Afraid To Lift® workshops (1 per quarter) PLUS 3 kettlebell workshops.
  • Sold my 1:1 offer in between launches based upon availability.

With this method, I exceeded $100k in revenue in 10 months.

But guess what? What works for me may not work for you.

There are a million different business strategies and launch strategies but you need to find the one that works for you.

It also helps to have a coach who has,

→ enough knowledge and experience that they can help you with various strategies, adapt to stay current with the latest trends, and shift when something isn’t working or is out of alignment for you.

→ learns from leading mentors in online business and who stays up to date on the latest trends.

The only way to figure out what programs, offers, pricing, launch strategies, and messaging that are best aligned with you, is to create, try and succeed, and then create again, try and fail, and reflect upon lessons learned to gain clarity.

HOWEVER, even though only you can decide what aligns with you, I DO know that workshops can be a huge asset to your business.


→ Expand your brand globally.

→ Allow you to connect with people, in person.

→ Help you to have more of an impact because you not only build a tribe, but also create a MOVEMENT from the energy of a group event.

I know this because as a strength coach, I taught workshops for 6 years and this is how they impacted my brand and business.

AND I know that workshops helped me to grow my business to $100k in 10 months and helped me to have waitlists for coaching and sell out all of my programs.

I will teach you the ways of the workshop that sells out in the I Am Not Afraid To Lift® mentorship.

Over all my 17 years working in the fitness industry I learned that creating, marketing, selling out, and teaching workshops were my gift and NOW I want to share that gift with you with the I Am Not Afraid To Lift® workshop mentorship program.

The Lift® mentorship is an 8-week LIVE course where I will teach you my 4, signature, money making, leadership building signature workshop formats.

Pre-sale is OFFICIALLY OPEN today and people are already signing up.

I’m offering 40% off enrollment to everyone on the pre-sale list.

You can read all the details about the course and sign-up for the pre-sale list by clicking on the button below👇🏽

Pre-sale is open through October 1, 2021 at 11:59pm Pacific Time and then after that the price goes up.

Are you in??

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Yours in Strength & Leadership 💪🏽,


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