“Entrepreneur” is Elitist

The word “entrepreneur” never used to resonate with me.

Honestly, I used to find it to be elitist.

I would judge the word “entrepreneur” and those that comfortably referred to themselves as “entrepreneurs” because I did not feel worthy of that title.

To me, the word entrepreneur represented money and freedom, and I didn’t think that I had an abundance of either of those things.

I WANTED an abundance of money and freedom, and since I believed that I lacked these things, I judged others for it…

We all do this – pass judgment for things that we lack to make ourselves feel better…

But really, this doesn’t make us feel good at all…

Instead, it ends up highlighting the things that we don’t have even more… and, in the end, we usually feel guilty for judging ourselves and others.

The truth was that I was indeed an entrepreneur, but I did not feel worthy of calling myself one, and instead of doing the personal development work to feel worthy and own the title of “entrepreneur”, I diminished the word’s value through judgment.

UNTIL, I hired a coach.

At the end of 2019 I was burnt out from my lack of self-worth driving me to undercharge and overwork.

Plus I had just been diagnosed with Stage 2 Adrenal Dysfunction.

I needed to press the reset button on my business and overhaul ALL THE THINGS.

When I hired my coach my goals were to pivot to business coaching, scale to multiple 6-figures, and hire a team.

What I didn’t know I signed up for, was all the personal development work that I would need to do in order to OWN my worth so that I could achieve these goals.

This realization ended up being a HUGE slap in the face on my very first coaching call with my coach when she told me to charge $1k/month for business coaching.

With my jaw to the floor and wide eyes I responded to her, “$1k!”.

Then I realized, therein lies the problem.

I’ve spent the last 2 years taking a deep dive, focusing on business coaching, working on my self-worth, and OWNING charging and asking for 4+5 figures for my services.

Now I’m proud to call myself an entrepreneur, charge the prices I am worth, and help other coaches do the same.

If you are struggling to own your worth and charge the higher prices that you know you SHOULD be charging for your services, I can help you.

I have 3 spots available for 1:1 coaching right now.

Apply to work with me by click on the pretty purple button below👇🏽

Helping you to say “YES!” to more money and freedom,


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