How do you take your coffee? ☕️

This weekend we hosted the 2-day annual business retreat for our business coaching clients.

One ☝🏽thing that I have learned from my many years of teaching in-person workshops and my own personal experience of working with a business coach in a mastermind group, is that the in-person workshop and retreat experience is PRICELESS.

→ As a client, you are able to experience more profound connection, learning, and transformation.

→ As a coach, you are able to serve your clients on a much deeper level.

Since we had a small group, Eric and I hosted the retreat at our house in Las Vegas and took on the roles of: Coach, Teacher, and Caterer.

This type of experience allowed us all to get to know each other as humans, and provide a context where conversations expanded outside of our regular business development and strategy conversations into dogs, sports, stupid sh*t we did in our 20’s and 30’s, recipes, nutrition, kettlebell workouts, etc.

Each day we kicked off the retreat with a breakfast hour, no work or workshopping, just eating, drinking coffee, and socializing.

On Day 1 we did a “Baseball Cards” workshop where each person created their own personal baseball card.

This exercise was meant to help people:

→ Get to know each other and themselves better.

→ Gain clarity on who they were in their business and to their clients.

→ Get clear on/create on their vision, mission, and values.

After that, we spent Day 1 learning about building and managing a team.

Then we wrapped up Day 1 with a happy hour and dinner.

After breakfast on Day 2 we went for a group hike, and then came back for lunch and workshopping to work on 1 thing in each person’s business.

In times when hugs and in-person interaction are in short supply, we created an experience for our clients that helped us all to walk away with not just more business knowledge, but also stronger personal bonds…

AND of course, knowing the answer to the most important question, “How do you take your coffee?”.

I have 3 spots available for 1:1 Business and/or Fitness+Strength coaching, (both include mindset coaching 😉), and I’d love for you to be a part of the EmpowerU Family.

Apply to work with me by click on the purple button below👇🏽

Helping you to form connections outside of the internet,


P.S. A few weeks ago I sat down with my friend Mike Kurkowski to chat with him on his podcast, The Strength Connection. I shared with him all the juicy details about how and why I blew up my business, lessons in scaling, what I’m doing now, what Eric is doing now, and much more. You can listen to the podcast HERE.

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