This 1 thing ☝🏽 is the same in business+fitness

When I was training for the Iron Maiden Challenge, I read many books about strength programming, tried methods that had worked for others, and used my own methods to come up with a training program that worked for ME.

Like Bruce Lee used to say,

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

At the time, only 3 women had completed the Iron Maiden Challenge, and no one my size had ever completed it. So honestly, what had worked for the other women, probably would not have worked for me.

It took me A LOT of trial and error to come up with a training program that specifically worked for ME.

As a result, I know how to write training programs that build strength that sticks.

Case in point → I haven’t pressed anything heavier than 16kg (35lbs) in my training for over a year and last Saturday I pressed 22kg (50lbs) EASY.

Then 1 week later I was crushing sets of 2 reps with 50lbs, no problem.

IT’S THE SAME THING IN BUSINESS → There are a million different strategies and best practices out there, but YOU have to figure out, through trial and error, what works for YOU and YOUR business.

You need to read, learn from business coaches and leaders who have been doing it longer than you have, and then apply it as practice.

Keep what works, discard what is useless.

Rinse and repeat.

For my business, most of 2021 was a year of trial and error.

What worked really well in 2020, stopped working in 2021.

So in September, I blew up my business, tuned into my intuition from 10+ years of being an entrepreneur, got clear on what I wanted, and restructured my business programs and strategy.

If the same sh*t had gone down while I was training for the Iron Maiden Challenge, and the training program stopped working, I would have done the EXACT SAME THING.

I would have blown that training program the f*ck up.

Having a coach helps you to figure out what works, FASTER.

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