I’m A WHOLE ASS Kind Of Person 🍑.

In 2009 I moved from Arlington, VA back to my hometown of Newton, MA.

At the time I worked for a commercial gym as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

One day I taught a spin class and one of the other spin instructors attended the class.

For this instructor, teaching spin was his part-time job and he was a very popular instructor.

After class we were chatting and getting to know each other and I shared a bit of my story about how:

→ I didn’t just like spin, I became an instructor.

→ I didn’t just like kung fu, I became a black belt.

→ I didn’t just like kettlebells, I became a kettlebell expert.

To which he replied,

“Oh, you’re one of THOSE people 🙄.”

Yes. I am one of THOSE people – I WHOLE ASS everything 🍑🔥.

I’ve always been a WHOLE ASS kind of person.

Ever since I was a kid.

I didn’t just dabble in ballet, I made it my LIFE 5-7 days per week plus Boston Ballet Nutcrackers, and summer camps until I graduated from high school.

When I fell in love with spin classes, I didn’t just take classes, I became a spin instructor.

When I decided I wanted to pursue a career in fitness, I left my $100k/yr office job and never looked back. There was no Plan B, ONLY Plan A.

I didn’t just become a personal trainer, I opened my own gym.

When I fell in love with kettlebells, I didn’t just become a kettlebell expert, I became a StrongFirst Iron Maiden and Team Leader.

I didn’t just write a viral blog post about Unsexy Training Methods in 2013 that encouraged women to lift weights, I created an internationally known workshop brand I Am Not Afraid To Lift®.

I didn’t just dabble in my online business, I went ALL IN and grew it to $100k in revenue in 10 months the first year in business.

At the end of 2019, I wanted to become an expert in business coaching, so I went ALL IN to focus solely on THAT and put fitness coaching aside.

However, the truth is though, I was only on hiatus from fitness coaching for 14 months 😉.

How you do anything in life, is how you do everything and I choose to WHOLE ASS EVERYTHING.

What about you?

Have you been half assing your business or fitness+nutrition?

Are you ready to get serious and WHOLE ASS it to get KICK ASS results?

I have 3 spots available for 1:1 Business and/or Fitness/Strength+Nutrition* coaching and I’d love to help you WHOLE ASS your business and/or fitness+nutrition.

(*Nutrition coaching includes optimizing hormone balance+metabolism and both include Mindset Coaching.)

Apply to work with me by click on the purple button below👇🏽

Helping you to WHOLE ASS everything,


P.S. On Friday, I shared on an Instagram Live why I blew up 🧨my business. You can watch the replay on Instagram HERE or on YouTube HERE. 

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