Social Media Is Stealing THIS From You👇🏽

Social Media, Email, Slack, Voxer, And ZOOM Are Stealing This From You…




If you’re a coach like me, then I know boundaries are hard for you.

Boundaries with…

Social Media.


Your clients.

Other people’s sh*t.

Other people’s priorities.

Telling your inner critic to shut the f*ck up.

Saying YES to f*cking EVERYTHING including sh*t you hate!

I KNOW. I’ve been there and it drove me to burnout MULTIPLE times.

UNTIL, I said, “F*ck this sh*t”, implemented boundaries, stuck to them, and lived happily ever after.

I’m not saying it’s easy. Boundaries are hard at first. It’s like creating any new habit. It takes practice.

BUT, the more regularly you practice boundaries, the easier they get and the more FREE you feel because you get your time, clarity, productivity, and PERSONAL POWER back.

Boundaries can sound like a harsh word, but boundaries aren’t mean or harsh.

Boundaries are to protect YOU and YOUR ENERGY so that you can show up and be the best human, coach, CEO, partner, sibling, etc. to the people, containers, and responsibilities in your life.

It all starts with your schedule and how you structure your work week and your workdays.

If you wake up in the morning, immediately grab your phone, scroll through social media and check your email and text messages then you’ve failed to put your priorities first and do anything for yourself that’s going to help you move the needle towards your goals.

Instead you probably end up in an anxiety spiral for the rest of the day chasing other people’s “to-do” lists, and then end your day feeling like you didn’t get anything done.


Here are some tips for how you establish boundaries, protect your energy, and steer clear of burnout and the feelings of resentment that come with it…


Different types of tasks require different types of energy…

For example, a ZOOM call with a client requires an extroverted teacher/coach energy vs. writing an Instagram post, email, marketing copy for a sales page, or creating a client training or course, requires a creator/introverted energy.

Switching from teaching or coaching to doing something creative can drain you of extra energy because they are 2 completely different energy types.

Decide which days you dedicate to clients calls, coaching, and teaching, and which days you dedicate to creative and CEO tasks.

→ For me, Mondays and Fridays are CEO/Creative Days and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays are client call/client focused/teaching+coaching days and I do client check-ins Mondays – Thursdays from 2pm – 5pm and on Fridays from 12pm – 3pm.


Save the “people stuff” for the afternoons and dedicate your mornings to doing stuff for yourself, (e.g. meditate, read, walk, workout, shower, eat), and working on YOUR “to-do” list.

The “people stuff” being ZOOM calls, client check-ins (SLACK, VOXER, EMAIL, TEXT), social media, teaching, coaching.

(*OR, if mornings are dedicated to “people-stuff” then make sure to block out the afternoons for yourself.)

“People Stuff” requires A LOT of extroverted energy, so once you do the “people stuff” you probably find that you have zero energy for anything creative or for anything on your to-do list.

ESPECIALLY if you’re an introvert like me and need to recharge with quiet time alone, reading, writing, listening to an audiobook or podcast, working out, walking, or watching TV.

For example, I wake up with coins and every time I have an interaction with another person, I give a coin away. So if I don’t take time to recharge ALONE then I won’t have any coins to serve my clients and business.

(Extroverts are the opposite. They wake up with zero coins and need interactions with other people to gather their coins to feel energized.)

It’s like the airplane oxygen mask analogy → You need to put your oxygen mask on FIRST, so that you can breathe, before you can help anyone else put on their mask to help them breathe.

You need to take care of YOU first, so that you can feel fully recharged and energized to show up as super coach and CEO for your clients and business.

→ For me, the earliest that I schedule any ZOOM calls, (e.g. client coaching calls, weekly team meeting), is 12pm.

I need to take care of myself first before I can show up 100% for my clients and my team.

My morning is spent doing things to help me feel full of coins that I can give away to others in the afternoon… → I meditate, journal or read, go for a walk while listening to an audiobook or podcast, workout, eat breakfast, shower.

Because I live in Las Vegas on Pacific Time, I used to think that I needed to compromise what I needed to do for myself in the morning to feel like Supercoach, to accommodate other people’s time zones.

Then I realized this wasn’t doing ANYONE any good, because I wasn’t doing the things that I needed to do to HONOR MYSELF.

As a result I started to feel completely depleted of any coins to give to others, and to resent my business and any calls or “people stuff” I had scheduled before 12pm.

As soon as I changed my schedule to one that was in alignment with what I needed to do to feel good and powerful, I started to feel energized and excited about my business again.


If you don’t already, start using google calendar.

After you figure out which days are creator/CEO days for you, and which days are coach/teacher days for you, and how you want to break up your day, schedule EVERYTHING in your life from when you wake up, workout, shower, eat, and go to bed TO Zoom calls, client check-ins etc.

When you schedule EVERYTHING in your life in your google calendar, color code the sh*t out of it and stick to the plan.

Once you establish boundaries, stick to them, and change your schedule to one that is in alignment with you and HONORS what you need to feel good and powerful, you will get your time, clarity, and productivity back, and start to feel energized and excited about your life and business instead of drained, burned out, and resentful.

I help my clients establish healthy boundaries, so that they can get their time, clarity, and productivity back and thrive within their business.

If you need help in this area, I have 2 1:1 coaching spots available. Click on the button below 👇🏽 to text me the rocket ship emoji 🚀 and we’ll chat.

Helping you to establish boundaries to get your power back,


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