I love to bake🥧…

I love to bake.

So much so that one of the reasons why I love the holiday season is that it gives me an excuse to take time off work and block out time so that I can bake cookies and pies to my heart’s content.

In fact, I love it so much that in October I was playing around with the idea of starting a side baking business.

Baking is like meditation to me… while I’m doing it, it’s the only thing I think about, and it truly leaves me feeling happy inside and out.

When I bake, I feel completely connected to JOY and when you follow joy, FLOW and abundance follow.

If you’re a high performer (and high achiever) like me, then I know it can be hard for you to stop all the DOing to reconnect with yourself and what you TRULY want, and what TRULY makes you happy.

I know, I’ve been there a few times in the past when I’ve been caught up in all the DOing, and completely lost the joy in my business and as a result, my life.

This year, I caught myself going down that path, and in September, I stopped myself right in my tracks.

As a result, I blew my business the f*ck up so that I could reconnect to joy and desire, instead of doing things in my business just because I felt like I HAD to do them to achieve my goals.

If you feel like you HAVE TO DO something or if something doesn’t feel good, in or outside your business, then your intuition is telling you NOT TO DO IT and that “thing” is not in alignment.

When you force something that isn’t in alignment, you go against universal energy.

When you go against universal energy, and continue to force the path of resistance, you block joy, abundance, and FLOW which relates to all types of abundance, including money.

This year the universe saw the path I was following to achieve my goals, and instead of delivering what I wanted, the universe showed me loud and clear that I was not an energetic match to achieve my goals this way.

Gratefully, I was forced to make a change and reconnect with myself and my personal power to recalibrate with joy.

Just like baking, your business GETS to be fun and feel “easy”.

If you’re a female entrepreneur and/or coach, I help you to, 

→ Reconnect with yourself and learn who you are in your own business and how to trust yourself and your intuition so that you can master intuitive business.

→ Implement healthy boundaries so you are always operating on a full battery when you serve your clients and complete tasks for your business.

→ Build your dream business around your life, so that you never feel like you HAVE to work in exchange for freedom, joy, or time off; The freedom, fun, and YOU time is built into your business!

Yes, that’s right, you get to do less, have fun, and make more money.

If you think I’m full of sh*t, then I think it’s time for you to open your mind to the new paradigm where it GETS to be this way.

The EmpowerHER WOMEN’S ONLY Mastermind starts in January.

There are 10 exclusive spots available.

Sales page with details coming soon, and in the meantime text me EmpowerHER for details and to schedule a call with me by clicking on the button below👇🏽 

Helping you to follow your joy to increase FLOW,


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