When you do everything “right” and get …

When people sign up for business coaching with me they’re looking for strategy, strategy, and more strategy.

(I get it. I was there once ;).)

They’ve tried strategy after strategy and they still aren’t getting the results they want, so they are chasing the next strategy that is going to finally deliver the results they want.


Then after they sign up, they discover that a SUCCESSFUL strategy runs much deeper than  learn the strategy, copy, paste, rinse, repeat.


It goes something like this…

You wanted to grow and scale your business and make all the monies, so in responseTHEYsaid

You should hire a team,


A Tech VA

An Admin VA

A Marketing Team.

THEY said you should have,

A lead magnet

A sales funnel

FB Ads

Email nurture sequences that nurture your leads

Long, fancy sales pages with marketing copy that call out your ideal clients pain and paint their paradise

Email and social media launch marketing sequences.

SO you did EVERYTHING they said you followed all the rules and did everything right and,

Instead of more monies, you have more stress.

Instead of more leads and waitlists for your programs, you hear crickets.

Instead of more time, Sunday has been your new Monday since you dont even know how long.

Instead of more freedom, youre a task master of to-do lists and theyre not even YOUR to-do lists, they are your teams to-do lists.

Instead of more delegating, youre a content robot who births content.

Instead of feeling gratitude and joy for being the CEO of your dream business, you feel resentful and burned out from working 24/7 and being pulled in a million directions.

BUT, what THEY didnt tell you was that,

You can implement all the strategies until you are crying for mercy, but if the strategies dont align with you, they wont work.


You can follow all the rules but if they don’t align with you, then doing everything right wont work.


You can do whatever you want with your business.

You need to tap into your intuition to discover what is right for YOU, AND

The business that flourishes is the business that is aligned with the ideas and methods that bring you JOY and that motivate you to be FULLY present and intentional.

So, f*ck the rules.

Do what lifts you up, inspires you, gets you excited, and sparks JOY with FOCUSED PRESENCE.

When you follow your joy the FLOW and abundance will follow.

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