My Birthday 1-11✨Is Magical🔮

I was born on 1-11 and named after the Greek Goddess Artemis.

I believe that these 2 things predetermined my path for greatness supported by good fortune.

Now, of course I’m a human, having a human experience, so nothing is perfect, and my life is certainly not all unicorns and rainbows, BUT I’ve had many experiences and instances in my life that have demonstrated that if I allow it, there are invisible wings magically supporting me and pulling and guiding me towards my destiny…

AND I believe this destiny, is an impact of monumental proportions that has not yet been realized.

As I turned 46 years old on Tuesday, I knew that I am not done yet.

You see, early on in my career as a fitness professional I worked for a commercial gym.

In 2011 I left the commercial gym to open my own gym and right before I left to do this I had a client who said to me, “Artemis, you’re going to be famous”.

Now, by no means did I become famous… no matter how many times my dad insisted I was famous (haha ;))…

BUT, as a result of writing my blog, spreading my message consistently on social media, speaking, leading, and the Iron Maiden Challenge, I DID go on to become well known, both nationally and internationally, in a small niche of fitness, strength training, and kettlebells.

Because I chose to take a risk and leave the commercial gym to build a personal brand, and pursue a path as an entrepreneur, I ended up having far more impact than I would have had I continued to work for a commercial gym.

I recognized the impact I had as a leader in the fitness industry, but I knew this wasn’t the finish line for me.

I was just getting started.

As a result, 2 years ago I pivoted from fitness coaching to business coaching, because I wanted to have even more of an impact, and help even more people.

I’ve just started to scratch the surface of this next level of impact, but I have a feeling that this year is going to be filled with more magic and more impact than ever before.

In my 46 years, I’ve learned:

Give zero f*cks.

Break the bullsh*t rules.

Do the sh*t that scares you.

Because if you don’t, your future self will regret it.



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