The Energy & Frequency of Money 💰✨

Did you know that money has an Energy and Frequency?


Scientists have measured emotions from Joy, Appreciation, and Love to Jealousy, Unworthiness, and Fear, and they found that every emotion has a frequency.

Joy, Appreciation, Empowered, Freedom, and Love are the HIGHEST VIBE emotions.

Powerlessness, Fear, and Unworthiness are the LOWEST VIBE emotions.

The Energy and Frequency of money and abundance is linked to the highest vibe emotions (e.g. LOVE+APPRECIATION).

Connecting to the high vibe energy of money and abundance is what holds people back from attracting money into their lives and from stepping out of Phases 1 and 2 of money (receiving+having money), and stepping into Phase 3 of money, OVERFLOW.


You can do all “the things” → rewrite your limiting beliefs, journal, meditate, write and think affirmations, etc…

BUT if you are not spending time learning how to feel the feelings of the money you want as if you already have it and connect to the HIGH VIBE Universal Source Energy of Creation, which IS the Energy+Frequency of MONEY, then you will be stuck in Phases 1 and 2 of money for all eternity.

To match up with the HIGH VIBE energy of money you have to…

→ Catch yourself when you are thinking about the debt, the bills, the money you DON’T have, and then shift to thinking about the money you want to attract, receive, and have in your life…

→ Reprogram your subconscious mind…

→ Release physical blocks attached to the made up “truths” floating around in your head from past traumas and experiences associated with money…

→ Learn how to feel the feelings of the money you want as if you already have it, and embody these feelings…

→ Be happy in the present and hold a vision for your future without attaching your happiness to your future vision.

MONEY VIBES is the NEXT LEVEL money and manifestation course that will help you to master embodying higher and faster energy frequencies that will permanently obliterate energetic expressions that weaken or inhibit your connection to the high vibe energy of money and abundance.

If you…

→ Have done all the work of working through your limiting beliefs and getting clear on what you want but STILL still fail to attract the money and abundance you want, CONSISTENTLY…

→ Understand the concept of “feeling the feelings” but don’t know how to fully and consistently embody the feelings of already having the money you want and living in overflow…

Then MONEY VIBES is for YOU!

MONEY VIBES is $222 through 5pm PST on 2/8 and then the price goes up.

Click on the on the button below for details and to sign up👇🏽…

When you sign up, you get a chance to enter a giveaway to win:

→ Either FREE 1:1 coaching with me ($1,555 value)! A 45-minute Power Coaching ZOOM session + 3 days of VOXER coaching!


I hope you’ll join me for MONEY VIBES 🤩!

Helping you to connect to the Energy and Frequency of Money,

xo ~Artemis 🖤✨

P.S. The price of Money Vibes is a steal whether half price of $222 or full price of $444.

You get 8 hours of LIVE trainings with me, which is a $4,500 value.

I don’t offer programs at this price very often (e.g. my 1:1 rate is $3k/month), so get on in NOW because this will be the ONLY time I teach this live.

See you in MONEY VIBES!  

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