EmpowerU 1:1 Business Coaching

EmpowerU 1:1 Business Coaching 

Through EmpowerU 1:1 Business Coaching, online coaching program, I help Fitness Professionals build their online business to 100k and beyond without burnout.

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I launched my EmpowerU 1:1 online fitness and nutrition coaching program with the goal of transitioning my business to 100% online within 12 months.

At the time I was making less than 30k in gross revenue from my online business. Therefore, I also had a financial goal to make 100k.

At the time that I launched EmpowerU, I was juggling multiple jobs,

  • Strength Coach for Cirque du Soleil’s show KÀ.
  • Training small groups, in person, in my garage 2x/wk.
  • Managing a small client load with my online business.

Since starting an online business in 2012, I had never solely dedicated myself 100% to building my online business. When I set the goal to transition my business 100% online, I was scared and nervous that I would fail, but I felt ready to try.

Given my multiple jobs, I had the bandwidth to take on 5 EmpowerU 1:1 clients.

As soon I launched EmpowerU, I had a phenomenal response and filled the 5 spots in less than 10 days.

6 weeks later I left Cirque so that I could keep up with the demand of EmpowerU.

8 weeks later I let go of my in-person clients so that I could continue to keep up with the demand EmpowerU and the teaching schedule for my women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift®.

I achieved my goal of transitioning my business to 100% online 8 MONTHS EARLY.

I achieved my 100k financial goal 1 MONTH EARLY.

I grew my business from less than 30k to 100k in aSHORT 10 months.

Last year alone I serviced almost 200 TOTAL clients with my online coaching and workshops:

  • 1:1 Coaching: ~40 clients
  • Workshops: 100 students!!
  • Hormone Reset: ~30 ladies and I launched this program in LATE 3rd quarter 2019

Do you have an in-person business and would like to transition 100% online but do not know how?

Are you struggling to make ends meet with the income that you are making from your personal training business and wondering if you are going to need to change careers in order to have financial freedom?

Are you struggling to grow beyond 5 figures?

Do you feel stuck day in and day out, living groundhog day every day, without any foreseeable growth financial or otherwise?

Do you want to add an easy 5 figures to your annual income?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I CAN HELP YOU.

Apply for 1:1 Business Coaching with me ==> HERE <==

1:1 Business Coaching includes:

  • Monthly coaching calls via ZOOM
  • Unlimited support via SLACK in between calls
  • Homework and goal focused tasks so that you achieve your business goals

Upon submission, I will review your application and contact you within 72 hours if I think we might be a good fit, and with any next steps. Submission does not guarantee a coaching spot.

I look forward to working with you!

Yours in Strength,


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