EmpowerU Online Coaching Program

EmpowerU Online Coaching Program

Through my EmpowerU online coaching program, I help women to take control of their fitness, nutrition and mindset, so they feel EMPOWERED!

The EmpowerU coaching program requires a 3 month commitment and includes the following:

  • Individualized monthly strength programming & coaching through my platform on EXERCISE.COM
  • Nutrition Coaching (Includes Diet Audit, Hormone Balance Assessment as requested/needed, 45-Day Hormone Reset (as needed), Evidenced-Based Nutrition, Lifestyle & Supplement Recommendations (based upon hormone balance assessment);
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Option of Weekly, Bi-Monthly, OR Monthly 30 minute FACE TO FACE coaching call via ZOOM
  • Email support in between ZOOM calls
  • Homework so that you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and mindset goals!
  • Completely PRIVATE Facebook group for EmpowerU members

Are you ready to become EMPOWERED, take control and to find your inner XENA?

Apply to WORK WITH ME ==> HERE <==

Upon submission, I will review your application and contact you within 72 hours if I think we might be a good fit, and with any next steps. Submission does not guarantee a coaching spot.


EmpowerU Coaching Program Success Stories

Anastasia Castorina, Age 34, Queens NY

“I first met Artemis back in DC when she was there and I took one of her kettlebell classes and it pretty much kicked my ass. So I always knew that Artemis knew what the hell she was doing.” ~Anastasia Castorina, EmpowerU Client

I first met Anastasia 10 years ago in 2009 when her sister Stephanie, who has been training with me for 11 years since 2008, brought her as a guest to my Kettlebell Small Group Training Class at the commercial gym where I worked in Arlington, VA. At the time she was not into fitness so the kettlebell class kicked her butt but she absolutely loved it!

She later attended my women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift®, in 2015 in NYC at Drive495 and then learned about my EmpowerU program from her sister and signed up for EmpowerU in February of this year.

When she started the EmpowerU program in February 2019 she did not have any structure to her weekly workouts. She would write random workouts on the fly right before she went to the gym. As a result, she was not seeing the progress and strength gains that she wanted in her training. In addition, she was not eating enough in general, and definitely not enough protein and veggies and too many bars and other processed food substitutes.

After she started the EmpowerU program, and started to follow a structured training plan, she discovered that she could do 3 unassisted pull-ups and deadlift 1.5x her bodyweight! She also eliminated bars and other processed food substitutes and started to make an effort to eat real, whole foods for nutritious meals that truly fueled her day to day activities and weekly training.

LEFT: Before EmpowerU / RIGHT: After EmpowerU

Anastasia continues to do 1/1 strength programming and coaching with me and her sister continues to do the EmpowerU program.

Listen to her full success story in the video below…


Stephanie Voyles, Age 35, Omaha, Nebraska (via New Jersey & Arlington, VA)

I WANT TO FEEL GOOD IN SHORTS AGAIN, Stephanie Voyles, EmpowerU Client 

Meet my client Stephanie. I have known Stephanie for 11 years and she has been my client, collectively, for 6 years. I met my her in 2008 when I first transitioned to fitness full-time and was working in a commercial gym in Northern Virginia. She attended both my kettlebell small group training and spin classes.

In 2009 I left the DC/NoVA area to move back to my hometown of Boston. Stephanie and I stayed in touch with the occasional email and then she reached out to me in 2014 to inquire about Distance Coaching with me. Originally she was going to commit to only 1 year of Distance Coaching, but that year has turned into 5 years and she has stuck with it and been training with me ever since. She even attended my women’s strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift® in 2015 at Drive495 in NYC which is when this picture was taken.

Stephanie is now married and a mom of a 16 month old daughter and lives in Omaha, Nebraska. When I launched my EmpowerU program in February she transitioned from 1/1 online strength programming and coaching to EmpowerU which includes everything – strength training, nutrition and mindset.

When she signed up for EmpowerU one of her goals was to feel good in shorts again. Last August 2018 she confessed that she was at her heaviest weight and at that time started to make changes to lose weight. With this, in December 2018 we set a strength goal for her to train and complete StrongFirst Simple which helped for her to work towards a specific strength goal.

In March 2019, after only 4 weeks of the EmpowerU program she reached her goal of fitting into the specific pair of shorts that she wanted to feel good in again and now in April, after 7 weeks of the EmpowerU program, she’s down 9lbs and in a great routine with her training and nutrition.

The majority of the time the biggest WINS come with the most simple goals like wanting to feel good wearing shorts again. The goal doesn’t have to be, nor should it be, to look like a physique competitor. YES, it’s OK to have aesthetic goals, but set realistic simple goals and you will have the biggest wins.

Do you want to crush goals and see BIG WINS with simple, realistic goals? Then apply for my EmpowerU program and work with me!

Apply to WORK WITH ME ==> HERE <==

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