Kettlebell, Barbell, & Bodyweight Instructor Certification Training with Artemis


StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Certification, Boston, MA August 14-16, 2015

I offer an interactive online kettlebell instructor certification preparation program through Iron Body Training Systems online training platform on  This preparation program is for both the StrongFirst (SFG) and RKC Kettlebell Instructor Certifications.

I have helped many instructor candidates prepare for their kettlebell instructor certification and I maintain a 100% pass rate.  In addition, I have assisted at several instructor certifications, both StrongFirst and RKC, both Levels I and II.

All 6 required skills plus conditioning for strength and endurance tests are covered in the online training program preparation.

The pre-requisite for this small group training prep is that you have a good basis for the 6 required kettlebell movements:

  • Swing
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Front Squat
  • Snatch
  • Turkish get-up

Read more HERE for the StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Certification requirements.

Read more HERE for the RKC Level I Kettlebell Certification requirements.

I provide you with coaching and a program to help you to perfect your skills, prepare you mentally, and build the strength and endurance required to help you to pass the both physically and mentally challenging 3-day Instructor Certification.

Below are testimonials from past instructor candidates who successfully passed their kettlebell instructor certification.

Please contact me at if you would like more information about the online coaching program for instructor certifications (kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight) and would like to work with me. 


Kerry Seppa

Salem, New Hampshire

Be brave and know you can achieve anything you set your mind to…

Bring on the StrongFirst Level One Kettlebell Instructor Certification!

With the stellar coaching of Artemis Scantalides, I achieved my SFG 1 Instructor Certification at the Dome of Strength in Chicago April 2019. I attended her women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift® last June 2018. It was an amazing day of learning and lifting with some strong, incredible ladies. I have trained for years with kettlebells but something about that day flipped a switch for me.  It was the boost I needed. I felt empowered to want more for myself and to know that I could do anything. Lifting heavy shit can do that you know!

So I set a goal for myself and I decided I wanted to train for my SFG 1 Instructor Certification with Artemis as my coach. Dream come true for sure. The certification is one that you must train hard for many months and be well prepared for as the standards are very high. Artemis set up a plan for me to train 5 days per week. Each day I would log in and my program was ready.  We would do e-mail check-ins, I would send skills videos to her, I had online group support and she coached me from a distance. Artemis’ online training group is such a positive community of people supporting one another with our goals and Artemis is a coach who truly cares about her students and she was always there for me.

I continue to train online with Artemis because this girl has more goals!! Kettlebell training brings me joy. When I train the chaos of the world disappears and I’m focused on nothing else. Training keeps me grounded, makes me happy, has allowed me to find my true strength and has changed my life in so many ways. Having the power of strength within you is the best feeling in the world. I am a better coach for my students, my personal training business is growing and I am so excited to see what happens next. When you surround yourself with like-minded people that support you, cheer you on, believe in you and want you to succeed amazing things happen. I am a great coach, because I have a great coach in Artemis. I am so thankful to her for her support, belief in me and her ability to program me perfectly for my goals. She is my mentor for life and has taught me more than she will ever know. Watch out world, I am unstoppable!! 


Janel Wilson Sack

Cleveland, Ohio

Artemis will be my forever coach. She is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. She is honest and straightforward, she sends you encouragement when you need it, and she always responds to your questions/emails/posts.

Her programming is FIRE and she is so inspiring! My body, strength, mindset, and everything about how I exercise and train has changed since working with Artemis. I was well prepared for both my StrongFirst Level 1 and 2 certifications. You are in great hands when you choose her as your coach.

I first began training with Artemis, for my Strongfirst Level 1, around March of 2017.

I had a previous shoulder injury that would not get better, so I stopped training after a couple of months to work on healing my shoulder. Fast-forward to January 2018 and I decided to begin to train for my Strongfirst Level 1, again. I reached out to Artemis and she set me up with her Level 1 training program. This program is fire!

It took some time for my body to build up to the amount of training required, but Artemis encouraged me throughout. The previous shoulder injury that I had, would nag at times, but through careful and consistent training my shoulder finally healed fully and has so much more strength. After four months of training, I was concerned about being able to press my testing bell size for 5 repetitions, so Artemis had me go back to the pressing part of the program and follow it through, again, until my testing in July. I went into the Strongfirst Level 1 feeling so prepared and strong. My body and hands tolerated the entire weekend so unbelievably well. I did not have any extra soreness and my hands never tore. I left the weekend feeling as good as when it started. I also went from being able to do just 1 pull-up to 5 strong pull-ups in 4 months from Artemis’ programming and I saw a dramatic improvement in my diastasis recti!! 

A week after the Strongfirst Level 1 was completed, I signed up for Level 2, which was 6 weeks away. Artemis did not recommend completing Level 2 so close to Level 1 and now that I know, I would not either, but she took on the challenge and coached me through it. My body ended up being very exhausted when I began training for Level 2, which was one of the concerns that Artemis had with them being so close together. She designed another amazing program that I followed for 6 weeks and it prepared me to get through and pass my Level 2 Strongfirst certification.

I have since signed up with Artemis for monthly coaching and am currently following her Kettlebell Crusher program. I, of course, love it!

Artemis is a wonderful coach! She is approachable, gives wonderful feedback, and her programming is amazing! I am amazed at the difference in my form and strength from videos when I first began training to more recent videos. Working with Artemis has helped to change my mindset from an “exercising or working out” mentality, to one of a “training” mentality. This has a made a huge difference in my life. Thank you Artemis!


Maria “Aina” Romualdez

Las Vegas, Nevada

A long time Ashtanga Yoga practitioner I was looking to gain strength to balance out my flexibility. I looked into possibly going to the gym but found my way to Hardstyle Kettlebells instead. I loved the challenge that came with learning to properly use and handle a kettlebell. The fact that I could train barefoot and at the comfort of my own home was one of the biggest reasons why it made so much sense to me. When I learned more and more about the breathing and how it tied in into the technique of the kettlebell movements I was hooked.

I really wanted to learn more and challenge myself further so I  signed up for the Strong First kettlebell certification.

I trained with Artemis to prepare myself for the 3 day certification. I trusted the program she wrote for me every step of the way.

Now I’m part of the Strong First family.

If you are looking to get certified or just learn utilize kettlebells her program will assist you in gaining whatever goals you have.

The best thing that the 1/1 training taught me was accountability. Artemis once said, “Either you want it or you don’t” and if its important to you, you will do everything to achieve your goals.

A Note From Artemis: I met Aina when she attended my StrongFirst Kettlebell Course in October 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. When I first met her, she was apprehensive but excited to learn about kettlebell training. By the end of the course she had caught the “StrongFirst” fever and was hooked and knew that she wanted to train for her StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Certification. Following the course she signed up for 1/1 online training with me (even though she was local to Las Vegas the online training gave her the flexibility she needed) and sign up for a kettlebell certification about 1 year later so that she knew she would have plenty of time to train for the certification.

I watched her grow as a student of strength over the year that we trained, both mentally and physically. Not only did she become physically stronger, but she also gained more confidence and mental toughness. She passed the Level I Kettlebell Certification with flying colors. Her success is a true testament to hardstyle kettlebell training and to the StrongFirst training principles and philosophy.


Tina Morin, StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor and Owner of MSC Strength and Conditioning in Norwell, Massachusetts

I am so grateful that when I decided to pursue my SFG I was given the wonderful advice to follow the Iron Body Training Systems program.  I was lucky enough to train with Artemis and Eric in person when they lived in Boston. I followed the program doing a few days at home and the rest at the studio and they were there for me through injury, meltdowns, overtraining and my general craziness. I can’t even begin to express the level of preparedness Iron Body Training systems provides on a physical and mental level- the SFG level 1 is daunting and stressful and to walk in KNOWING you are going to pass is invaluable. They progress you safely through every movement with your test size bell so when you walk into your certifications you OWN it.

When it came for me to tackle SFG 2 there was no question in my mind that I would continue to work with Artemis- she had moved from Boston so I decided to pursue the one on one online training. I must admit, at first I was nervous- I had such a wonderful experience for level 1 and I was nervous that online wouldn’t provide me with the same level of preparation. I can’t tell you how wrong I was. Artemis wrote me a custom program that not only very much prepared me for my SFG 2 test but also took into account my personal goals. She was very hands on and responsive and adjusted my program as needed.  Through nagging shoulder and neck injuries and I went to the Dome of Strength feeling like a million bucks and knowing I could complete my 1/3 body weight press and all the movements.

To be great you must train with the greatest! Being a part of the Strong First community has been the greatest decision I have made in my career. It has helped me continue to learn and grow personally so I can help my clients learn and grow-  I am so grateful to Iron Body Training systems for giving a clear path to success and for their continued support!

Lesley Moon, StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor

Lesley in the white sweatshirt – her smile says it all! 😀

When I started training for the SFG Cert, I had no idea how I’d get it done. Artemis led me through an intense program, but one that prepared me completely – not just for the test, but for the entire weekend. When I went to her concerning some negative thought patterns I experienced during training, the tools and strategies she offered were instrumental in turning it all around (and I’ve always felt hard to help in that department!). Even though we were working together at a distance, I knew I had an ally the whole time. I appreciated her professional, timely responses to all of my questions and the fine-tuning that went into my program. Her powerful, experienced manner inspired me to cultivate more patience and resilience in my training and find mental strength I didn’t know I had. I passed my SFG Cert two weeks ago, and it felt like a celebration of the ten months of work I had put in. I couldn’t be more grateful for Artemis’ leadership and support.

Stephanie S., RKC Level I Kettlebell Instructor


I am so thankful to Artemis and Eric. I used their RKC certification training program to get ready for my RKC. When I started The program I hadn’t started snatching, only high pulls, and was feeling very lost in my preparation. I used their 16 week program, which I had to shorten to 11weeks due to my RKC date. I loved the workouts, which I remember at day 1 thinking were easy.  I did not think they were easy by the end of that first week.

I struggled with blisters and my hands ripping during the snatches. Artemis and Eric both gave me suggestions on how to prevent the problem both with socks, gloves etc and how to hold the bell.

I loved the video feedback that I received when I submitted videos. It gave me confidence and helped my form. Feedback that was given to others also helped me think about what I might need to tweak.

My the end of my training I felt strong, ready although nervous for my certification. Eric and Artemis gave me encouragement going into and throughout the weekend. I am proud to say I passed my RKC on that first weekend. I received great feedback on having good form on my moves and passed the snatch test. I credit this to the training that I received with Iron Body Training Systems. I would recommend this training for anyone getting ready for RKC and if I decide to go for my RKC II then I will turn to Artemis and Eric.


Meghan Forman, StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor


I met Artemis 6 years ago and shortly after I met Eric. Over the years they have been wonderful mentors and friends. I don’t think they get enough praise for how much they change people’s lives.

Thank you for introducing me to this community called Strong First. Over the weekend someone said “Strong fixes everything”. I believe that. I believe that strength can fix confidence beyond the gym.

So thank you for making me stronger. Thank you for getting me to where I am now. I can’t wait to continue to learn from you both. Thank you for guiding me through this journey I could never have done this without you!


Michelle Lewis, StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor


I DID IT!! Huge thanks to Eric and Artemis of Iron Body Training Systems for their continued encouragement, support, and strong program. Thank you for seeing the strength I had in me before I realized it was there. Thank you for being models of the StrongFirst code and leading by example. And thank you for just being awesome people!


Mitchell Sadowsky, StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor


After going through another prep program for about 2 months, I visited with Eric and ultimately ended up starting the Iron Body Studios SFG prep program a few weeks in to the 16 week program. I really started noticing a difference in my training a few weeks in, I managed my volume better, I felt better on a day to day basis after training, I wasn’t feeling as worn out the day after heavy volume workouts, and I felt really well prepared heading into the SFG weekend. Nothing will help you prepare for the sheer volume of work you will during an SFG weekend, but this program was HUGE in prepping me to hit my standards, get my technique dialed in, and feel confident heading in to the certification.

Thanks again! mich-s-cert


Tiffany Nolan, StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor


Thank you Artemis and Eric!  Your KB Instructor program I followed to help prepare me for SFG Level 1 could not have been more spot on for what I needed to gain in strength and conditioning.  I was more than ready to attend and pass the certification and was confident in not only finishing but crushing the snatch test when the time came.  With your ongoing support and feedback, I was able to fine tune my movement and week by week saw incredible improvements in my strength.  I am so thankful for your mentorship and am excited to work with you both again in the future as I move forward with StrongFirst!


Keri Mantie, StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor


Read Keri’s Testimonial here in My SFG Experience.


Tracy Robbins, StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor


Read Tracy’s Testimonial below in “A Real Life Story About Strength Gains And Body Transformation”

A Note From Co-Owner Artemis:

Tracy Robbins started training with me in February 2012.  Over the almost four years that she has trained with me, she has consistently attended classes three to four times per week.

She attended a StrongFirst Kettlebell User Course in September 2013 at Iron Body Studios and then in the winter of 2014 expressed interest in training for her StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Certification.  The SFG Level I Kettlebell Certification is a very challenging course, both mentally and physically, therefore it is not for everyone.  HOWEVER, we knew that Tracy would be a good fit because she is mentally tough and physically strong.

Through her consistent class attendance, nutrition coaching with me, and by following my kettlebell instructor certification preparation training program, she experienced not only incredible strength gains, but also a weight loss of 10lbs and body transformation.

Recently I took a video of her pressing double 16kg kettlebells (70lbs) for a set of 5 repetitions for her SFG Level I Kettlebell Instructor Certification and when she watched the video of herself she reacted very surprised as to how lean, and strong she looked on camera.

I told her, “You have looked like this for some time Tracy!”, and with that, all of her surrounding Iron Body Studios’ class colleagues nodded their heads in agreement.

With consistent training and proper nutrition Tracy has had incredible strength gains and body transformation in the two and a half (PLUS) years that she has trained with us at Iron Body Studios.

Below is HER story and the video of those amazing presses!

Congratulations Tracy, you have come a very long way!



Tracy’s Testimonial:

Training for the SFG I instructor certification was one of the most eye-opening and confidence building experiences of my life.  The big difference was going from training in everyday classes to having a program written for me by Eric and Artemis.  I find that when I train in classes, I choose a bell size based on my energy level of that day.  If I’m feeling strong, I go heavy.  If I’m tired, I go light (really light).  While that may seem smart, I wasn’t really wavering my heavy and light days in the right manner.  When I went heavy, I went REALLY heavy and would lose form as I grew tired.  Poor form is unsafe and your body is just not moving effectively.

The training program that Artemis and Eric wrote for me began with a manageable weight.  I started with double 12kg press ladders and 16kg single arm swings.  Each week I went into it knowing exactly how my days were laid out.  I could mentally prepare myself for the sessions ahead.  The most exciting weeks grew to be the ones where I progressed in either bell size, repetitions per set, or length of time intervals.  It was amazing to see how easy the heavier bells and longer sets felt.  Eric and Artemis knew my strength before I did and only moved me up when they knew I was ready.  By the end of my training program, I could press double 16kg for multiple reps and do 100 one arm swings with a 20kg in 5 minutes (that’s the kettlebooty right there ladies! 🙂 haha).

My point is that the training program taught me how to move my body efficiently by progressing through bell sizes and a variety of movements.  I also learned how to train smart by properly scheduling specific heavy days and days focused on conditioning.  Cycling these throughout the week is how I have been able to eliminate fatigue in my workouts and maintain correct form.  Moving my body correctly while swinging the bell has accelerated fat loss in my body that I wasn’t even focusing on.  I ended up shedding 10lbs because I focused on my strength goals as opposed to the scale.

Training programs do not only help you find your strength, they guide you how to train properly.  And I can promise you that I definitely would not have passed the SFG Level I Kettlebell Instructor Certification without Artemis and Eric and the training program that they wrote for me :).

Tracy Robbins Set of Five Double 16kg (70lbs) Double Kettlebell Presses

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