Online Training Testimonials

Michelle S.

Boston, Massachusetts

A Note From Artemis:

I first met Michelle in 2015 when she attended my women’s strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift® at Drive495 in New York City. She lives in Massachusetts, so after the workshop she started attending classes at our former training gym in Massachusetts, Iron Body Studios. She trained with us at the studio for almost two years until we closed the gym and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Since moving to Las Vegas she continues to train with me online AND she has attended two additional Lift® workshops with me since 2015, for a total of 3 Lift® workshops, PLUS my Advanced Kettlebell Ballistics Workshop! Below is her success story training with me for almost 5 years now.

“Having Artemis as my trainer has been a transformative experience. I first met Artemis at one of her “I Am Not Afraid To Lift®” workshops in NYC in 2015. This ultimately led to me attending group classes at Iron Body Studios in MA and later personalized online coaching when she moved to Las Vegas, NV.  Weight training with Artemis helped me inside and outside the gym.

Her specialized workouts rehabilitated chronic injuries to help me attain physical achievements that I never thought were possible (pull ups and YES, even weighted pull ups). Her kettlebell programming helped me get to the point where I could successfully tackle barbell deadlifts and experience pride as opposed to defeat when approaching the bar (which was a familiar experience for me in the past). She meets me where I am physically at yet also gently pushes me when needed. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and inspiring trainer.  I feel stronger both physically and psychologically, through my training with Artemis. There aren’t many professionals who possess both the personal attributes and skill to deliver weight training programming in such an effective and empowering manner. She is truly one of a kind!

~Michelle S.”

Joe K.

New York, New York

I’ve been training for the Beast Tamer Challenge with Artemis for 14 months now. When I started I knew I was strong, but I was unsure if it would be possible for me to pass the event, or how to train specifically for it. We are very close to having me ready to do the challenge, and I am confident I will be a Beast Tamer. From the initial information gathering/ Skype session, to outlining the program, to making adjustments and following up along the way, Artemis has exceeded all of my expectations. She has the experience, and knows how to apply her knowledge to help you. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in training for the Beast Tamer or Iron Maiden Challenge.”

 A Note From Artemis:

When Joe started training with me in January 2016 his max strict military press was 40kg (88lbs), max dead-hang prone grip pull-up was 20kg (44lbs), and his max pistol squat was 32kg (70lbs).

Now as of February 2017 his his max strict military press is the Beast 48kg (106lbs), see video below… max dead-hang prone grip pull-up is 40kg (88lbs) – it has doubled! – and his max pistol squat is the Beast 48kg (106lbs), see video below…

48kg (106lbs) Beast Press

48kg (106lbs) Pistol Squat

Debbie H.

Silver Creek, Georgia

“I asked Artemis to coach me after following her blog and witnessing her “practice what she preaches” at my SFG Level II Certification. She had just attempted the Iron Maiden Challenge and had just missed her press. She spoke to me about plan to go back and continue to work and meet her goal. Her resolve and confidence were infectious! Her approach toward distance training is no different. She is patient, thorough, and determined to guide you toward your goal. She sends very detailed, easy to follow plans and dedicates additional time for FaceTime training as well as any questions during the month. Training with Artemis is a worthy investment!”

A Note From Artemis:

I met Debbie in September 2013 when I first attempted the Iron Maiden Challenge when I was assisting at her StrongFirst Level II Certification. Debbie also attempted the Iron Maiden Challenge in September 2013 but did not have her pull-up. She hired me to help her to work towards and achieve her goal of a 24kg (53lbs) pull-up.  She started training with me in November 2013.  Four months after she started training with me, in February 2014, she achieved her goal of a 24kg pull-up.

See her pull-up here:

Sara B.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“The distance coaching program by Artemis is one of the most economical programs for kettlebell/strength enthusiasts.  I was having a hard time finding a kettlebell coach match.  I was specifically looking for an individual that was well trained, knew the body, could see any issues I might have with movement and wasn’t afraid of implementing a program to help me reach my goals.  I understood what my training program should look like, but not having years of professional personal training experience I couldn’t and didn’t want to setup my own program.  Artemis provided me with a program right away and instructional videos.  If I had an issue or needed something modified she listened to my feedback and implemented a “course correction.”  She would check in on me and suggest ideas to help me reach my stated goals.  I would recommend her distance coaching program to anyone.  She is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever worked with.  Don’t pass up an opportunity of working with her if you have the chance!”

Kathy D.

New York, New York

“I’ve learned so much about myself from being a distance coaching client of Artemis. She has helped me find my weak points and morph them into strengths. I went from thick banded chin-ups to deadhang bodyweight pull-ups, all under her tutelage – and within a year! Her commitment, focus, and help are unparalleled. She is the epitome of professionalism and drive, and she makes you feel as if you can accomplish anything just by associating with her. 

Do yourself a favor and hire her immediately. It’s one of the best investments into myself I ever made in my life.”


April D.

Bel Air, Maryland

“I’ve never trained with a female trainer before and making that switch has been one of the best changes in my life.  The strength that I have gained in the short period of time I have been training with Artemis is noticed by many, and I love the way my body looks and feels.  I’ve not only grown physically, but mentally too because I’m in touch with my body in a way I never knew previously.  Artemis is such a treasure, and she truly has a piece of my heart because she is a wealth of knowledge.  She’s truly an inspiration and keeps me pushing myself to make likes happen “LIKE BUTTAH!”  I love it!  I only wish she lived closer so I could train in person, but this is second best.”

A Note From Artemis:

I met my distance coaching client April Doherty in person last June 2014 at a workshop I presented.  She started distance training with me in August 2014.  At the time she was unable to do one unassisted body weight pull-up. 9 months later at I Am Not a Afraid To Lift New Mexico she achieved her goal of a weighted pull-up with 8kg (18lbs)! Congrats April!

See her pull-up here:

April also had the goal of a 22kg (50lbs) press for her StrongFirst Level II Certification. When she started training with me she could press 18kg (40lbs).  After following the training program I wrote for her, along with my coaching, she pressed 22kg within about 20 weeks (4 months) of starting the program.

Stephanie V.

From Alexandria, Virginia to Omaha, Nebraska

“You may think you need personal contact with a personal trainer. That is certainly not the case with the distance coaching program offered through Iron Body Training Systems. Their distance coaching program is expertly designed to ensure that you get all the benefits of a personal trainer without the hassle of going to a specific gym. You can choose your own gym in any part of the country or world. And with all the snow Boston has gotten this year, I’m certainly thankful I don’t need to live in Boston to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Artemis and Eric!

As a distance coaching client for 6 months I have already noticed significant changes in my body and overall strength. Lifting groceries and doing everyday activities is much easier as a strong, healthy woman. The workouts are innovative, challenging and fun! They make me look forward to going to the gym. Artemis and Eric work with you to establish goals and develop a program that is effective and produces results. You are in constant communication with them to help ensure accountability.

I could not be happier with my experience so far with Iron Body Studios’ distance coaching program. I am seeing real results and having fun reaching my goals.”

A Note From Artemis:

Stephanie used to attend my kettlebell small group training class in Arlington, VA from 2008-2009. It was great to be able to work with her again via our distance coaching program!

Jenny D.

Woodinville, Washington

“Distance coaching with Artemis has been a fantastic way to get an amazing depth of knowledge in a really convenient way. I’ve really appreciated Artemis’ thoughtful planning catered to my needs (not some cookie cutter approach) and her fun, practical sense of humor! She has always been really responsive via email and is just great fun to work with. Distance coaching has been my preference as it allows me to train from home with the expertise of a professional. And, the personalized YouTube videos have been invaluable to my learning and progress. Thank you Artemis!”


Mark Limbaga SFG II, Strength and Conditioning Coach Philippine Boxing Team

Quezon City, Phillipines

“A few months out from my SFG Level 2 certification, I realized I needed to kick things up a notch and an extra set of eyes would help. I enlisted the help of Artemis since I knew she could relate to what I wanted which was not letting size be a limiting factor. 

On the first week of my program, I got a bit overwhelmed since the volume and pacing was totally different from what I was accustomed to. However, as the weeks rolled by, I managed to get stronger in the process and even surprised myself at times.

Fast forward to the weekend of my level 2, I managed to press my half bodyweight press bell fairly easy and did quite well despite having a nasty cold/flu (different story in itself).

Today, the lessons I have learned from working with Artemis have stuck and have helped me not only improve my own training but those who I train as well.

To say she is top notch is a massive understatement.”

A Note From Artemis

When Mark started training with me in August 2014 he could press 32kg (70lbs) and had a goal for his StrongFirst Level II Certification of pressing 36kg (80lbs) for his half bodyweight press. After following the training program I wrote for him, along with my coaching, he pressed 36kg within about 24 weeks (5 months) of starting the program on January 27, 2015. Video below…

Summary of Client Progress/Results from Artemis:

Dana H.

From San Francisco, California to Seattle, Washington

When Dana started training with me in August 2014 she was just barely able to do one unassisted pull-up.  7 months later, after consistent distance training, she can now do 5 unassisted pull-ups!

See her pull-ups here:

Lilibeth G.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lilibeth had the goal of improving her pull-ups, increasing her pull-ups for the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC), and the Iron Maiden Challenge (IM).

She started out with me in August 2013 and could barely do two bodyweight pull-ups.  By the TSC in October 2013, she crushed 7 pull-ups.

By December 2013 she was training 5 sets of 2 reps of weighted pull-ups with 15lbs.

See 15lbs Weighted Pull-ups Here:

When Lilibeth started training with me in August 2013 her 1 rep max for a press was 20kg (44lbs) and her goal was to press 24kg (53lbs) in order to prepare for the Iron Maiden Challenge. By training with me she achieved her 24kg press for the IM by December 2013, within 16 weeks (4 months) time. Video below…

See 24kg (53lbs) Press Here:

To learn more and to sign up for online training with Artemis click HERE.

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  1. Oh, such a wonderful testimonials from your clients. I also wish to have some classes with your personal trainers. After giving birth I feel like I needed to go back to gym to regain my strength. But then I would like to try it with you this time. After I’m done with my cardio training with Arlington Personal Training Studio , I will definitely want to give you a call. 🙂

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