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Iron Body 45-Day* Kettlebell SHRED: 45-day* Program to help you burn fat, get lean, and move better! (*45-days per level)

Whether your goal is a wedding, a vacation, a re-union, or simply that you’re fed up with where you are at in terms of your (lack of) health and fitness routine, and you want to see results in 6 weeks or less, the 45-day Iron Body kettlebell Shred will get you there. This program will get you started to a more defined, lean, and fit YOU! You will move better, move stronger, and feel great.

For more advanced lifters, the Iron Body Shred is also the perfect program to follow if you are just coming off an intense block of strength programming and need something geared towards metabolic conditioning and strength endurance for a change.

The Iron Body Shred program is a 45-Day* program (*each level is 45-days/6-weeks) comprised of kettlebell swing metabolic conditioning paired with a strength movement.

Appropriate for ALL levels kettlebell training enthusiasts & coaches as the program is progressive over the 4 levels.

Geared towards fat loss & increasing lean body mass, i.e. “getting SHREDDED”!

For example, Iron Body Shred client Beth M. started the program with NO prior kettlebell experience.  By week two her swing had improved dramatically, and she started to see body changes.  By week three she was doing full, loaded Turkish get-ups, which for someone who started brand new to kettlebell training, is very rare.  The consistency of the program helped her to have this success.

See below for Beth’s testimonial, along with other Iron Body Shred Testimonials…


Ann H.

Note from Artemis & Eric:

Ann started out as a personal training client with Artemis in 2011.  She has since transitioned into the Iron Body Shred program.  Through her dedication and consistent training she continues to see results month after month.  You can read her previous testimonial HERE about Training Through Injury and her most current Testimonial below.

Singing Iron Body Praises from the Mountaintops

By Ann Helmus

I’ve been training with Artemis and Eric of Iron Body Training Systems 2-3 times weekly for the last 18 months with some long breaks for business travel and an injury.  Since I began, I’ve been really pleased with steady improvement in my functional strength such as putting heavy bags in overhead compartments on the plane, carrying all the grocery bags in at once, and opening jars myself, as well as having much better form when I go running. Last week, I realized an even greater reward from my training.

I went hiking with a friend for the first time since I started my program at Iron Body. We chose a very challenging trail in the White Mountains of NH and carried packs with our provisions for an overnight in one of the Appalachian Mountain Club huts. The first thing I noticed is that hiking felt much easier than at any time in the past even though this was probably the hardest trail I’ve been on. There were lots of rocks to climb over and slippery surfaces. I was aware that I had much better balance than in the past and that I was using my core muscles to stabilize myself without even thinking about it. I realized that, before I had developed these muscles, I would have tensed my legs and shoulders trying to stabilize myself—not very effective and highly fatiguing.

So I was feeling very good about how I was making my way up the mountain when my friend started complaining of feeling sick and began vomiting, unable to hold down even water. She felt like she “couldn’t make it any further”. So, I took her pack from her, transferred items into my pack and then carried the rest of her pack on my chest for about 5 miles, much of which was scrambling over rocks. I kept thinking about how happy I was for all the training that I had done with Artemis and Eric that allowed me to meet this challenge and still have energy to encourage my friend along the trail. I was really happy that I had the strength to make a big difference in a difficult and somewhat scary situation.    We made our way very slowly to the hut, arriving just as the sun was setting.

And the next morning I wasn’t even sore!

You never know when life is going to call on us to be strong.


Beth M.

Trainers: As a new client, I am really appreciative of how encouraging and supportive Artemis and Eric are as coaches. It’s obvious even after a few training sessions that both Artemis and Eric are very knowledgeable and are committed to helping their clients achieve their goals in a safe and effective way.

Shred program: I started the Shred program with no prior kettlebell or strength training experience. After only a few weeks of Eric’s encouragement and guidance, I have already seen a change in my body and my clothes are fitting better. More importantly, however, I feel stronger, have more energy, and am motivated to keep working to achieve my goals.”

Read more about Beth M.’s Iron Body Shred program transformation and success story HERE.


Meghan F.

Meghan achieved her very own Iron Body Shred by training with Iron Body Training Systems 3-4 times per week.  Kettlebell training is the way to strength and body transformation!  Read Meghan’s testimonial below…


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