Do you have a hard time or feel guilty receiving…

→ a compliment

→ money

→ a gift

→ letting someone else pay for dinner when you go out to dinner

→ coffee

→ lunch

→ money for your services if you are an entrepreneur

AND if you are an entrepreneur who is a coach, do you…

…struggle to charge what you are worth?

…struggle to raise your prices? 

…struggle to accept money for what you do?

Does it make you feel uncomfortable just THINKING about being in any of those situations and how you would handle them?

“Wealth Appreciates For The Appreciative.” ~Jen Sincero

Do you feel GUILTY and ashamed after you go shopping or buy something for yourself?

Do you find yourself hiding your purchases from your spouse?

You want to buy something for yourself or go shopping and you get it excited while you’re doing it, but then you feel EXTREME “buyer’s remorse”

…and then you start to worry “I shouldn’t have spent that money”, and you feel worried and anxious about not having that money anymore OR how you will pay off your credit card. 

I get it, I KNOW.

I used to be that person and feel exactly the same way!!

I realized this unhealthy pattern in my business after I had been working on reprogramming my Money Mindset

You see, when you work on reprogramming your Money Mindset you become more aware of your thoughts… 

…you become The Gentle Observer and from there you are able to choose new thoughts and rewrite your beliefs to tell a new story with money.

One day I realized that I felt guilt and shame when I received money AND when I spent money…

In my business, I would get excited when a new client signed up and paid BUT THEN I would feel guilty receiving money in exchange for my services… 

I realized that these feelings were coming from my limiting beliefs related to my self-worth…

I believed that I was not worthy of receiving the money I received in exchange for the service and value I provided.

In my personal life, this was guilt and shame I felt when I was out to dinner with a friend or family and they would buy dinner.

This self-worth struggle would turn into a MONEY STRUGGLE!

In my business and in my personal life, I felt guilt and shame when I would make a big purchase or investment like bills (YES even bills!), a vacation, or patio furniture and firepit set I bought for our house ← TRUE STORY!!

I would enter Fear and Scarcity Mode and get scared that more money would not come in (ever again!) after I spent this money.

Is this ultimately true? 

NO! They were BIG FAT LIES that I was telling myself.

WHY OH WHY do we do this to ourselves??

As humans we are hard-wired to feel badly because it protects us, or we think it protects us, from impending doom, or in primitive times, a threat to our survival.

HOWEVER, all this does is cause us to perpetually live in fear and block our flow of abundance.

When you receive or spend money with guilt and shame it lowers your energy vibe and perpetuates a cycle of unworthiness.

When you receive money with the lower energy vibe of guilt or shame, you tell the universe that you are not worthy of the money that you are receiving…

AND when you spend money with the lower energy vibe of guilt or shame then you tell the universe that you are not worthy of receiving the things you are buying in exchange for the money. 

Both block your flow of abundance.

Energy is everything, and everything is energy, INCLUDING MONEY.

To break the vicious cycle of guilt and shame that leads to fear and scarcity…

FIRST, you must realize and truly believe that YOU ARE WORTHY because you are!

You are a product of the miracle of life and were born perfect and completely worthy just the way you are.

You don’t need to do more, or be more, to be worthy of receiving money or gifts or to TREAT YO SELF!

Self acceptance is the most effective and loving way to begin creating new patterns, perceptions, and a new reality.

It’s time you release your guilt and shame around who you are, who you think you should be, and who you have been, and OWN your INHERENT WORTHINESS.

SECOND, you need to start to receive and spend with GRATITUDE and EXCITEMENT!

The more you receive and spend with gratitude, which is a higher energy vibe, the higher the frequency and the more you lift yourself up and are open to receive abundance.

This means being grateful to even find a penny on the sidewalk to being able to pay your bills.

From there, the higher the vibe you have, the more abundance and MONEY you receive.

THIRD, one of the foundational principles of manifestation and to mastering the energy and frequency of money is FEELING GOOD.

Even though we are hard-wired to feel badly, it is, in fact…


In Money Vibes, I help you to…

→ Own your inherent worthiness…

→ Integrate a gratitude practice into your daily life that is specific to mastering manifestation and building a healthy money mindset… This will set you up to become skilled at Intentional Spending later on in your money-mindset journey… AND

→ Learn how to implement specific practices that help you to shift your energy from scarcity to abundance so that you spend more time FEELING GOOD than badly!

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P.S. Last week in Manifestation Mastery, I taught that about how to appreciate the Reverse Gap when it comes to gratitude.

You can check out a quick 1 min video about this HERE.