Welcome to Iron Body By Artemis 

Welcome to Iron Body By Artemis. Iron Body By Artemis is the home of Iron Maiden Artemis  and a blog about health, fitness, nutrition, women’s strength training, working towards life goals, and most importantly about Life Balance. Finding balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle, work, family and our personal and professional goals is incredibly challenging for many of us. In my blog posts I discuss the journey to find this balance.

Within this journey I discuss finding both a fitness regimen and healthy eating plan that is right for you. I advocate eating REAL foods, NO supplements, shakes, fad diets, fasting, intermittent fasting or cleanses, that fuel you properly for your day-to-day activities, including your training sessions. My focus on nutrition is a holistic, sustainable, approach to nutrition that includes not only eating REAL FOODS and learning to love to eat these foods (if you don’t already) but also how proper sleep and minimizing stress are essential to your nutrition and overall balanced health.

When it comes to training I coach my clients to find a fitness routine that is sustainable and realistic. The purpose of their training should be geared towards improving and maintaining their overall mental and physical health, as well as to increase skills and strength and not for the purposes of vanity or getting “shredded” or six-pack abs. If this type of muscle definition results from your training (which it usually does with the majority of my clients) then of course we celebrate these phenomenal body changes.

As for working towards personal and professional goals, in my posts I discuss how to not only make time for these goals but also how to maintain the correct mindset while working towards achieving them.

I hope that you will join me on this Journey to find Balance, as there is much to discussed and to be discovered while we learn from challenges we overcome and celebrate achievements, all while eating REAL delicious foods and swinging a kettlebell ;)…

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