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Podcast Interviews 2021 – Present

The Strength Connection, Episode 7, Own Your Worth

Listen to the podcast interview HERE

The Strength Connection Podcast Wallpapers

Know Your Why Podcast, Episode 21, How Your Relationship With Money Impacts Your Business and Your Ability to Create an Abundant, Healthy, Thriving Business.

Listen to the podcast interview HERE


The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast, Episode 147, Money Mindset & Mantra

Listen to the podcast interview HERE


The WWRE Podcast with Barri Griffiths (WWE aka “Mason Ryan”) – Episode 192 Artemis vs. Barri “There are no business problems, only personal problems.”

Listen to the podcast interview HERE


The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast, Episode 89, The Empowered Entrepreneur 

Listen to the podcast interview HERE


Beers & Bells with Demarco Crum

Watch the podcast interview HERE


Podcast Interviews 2014 – 2020

The podcast interviews below are listed from the oldest to the most recent.

MFF Best Of Life Radio, Episode 9

If you have never met me before and if you would like to learn more about my background, a little about my journey, my training and life philosophies, then please listen in on this podcast, Episode 9 of MFF (Mark Fisher Fitness) Best of Life Radio.  It will help you to learn about me, where I come from, and what #BeXena is all about!!  Download and listen to this podcast for free HERE

Breaking Muscle Radio, “The Beauty Of Strength”


You may also listen to my podcast interview with Breaking Muscle“The Beauty Of Strength” HERE.  In this podcast I talk about my background as a dancer and as a martial artist, how I started out in the fitness industry, and my petrifying career transition from IT Consultant to Personal Trainer and Business Owner.

Rdella Training Podcast, Episode 131


On Episode 131 of the Rdella Training Podcast Scott Iardella and I,

  1. Delve deeper into as to what exactly did I do as an IT Consultant before I transitioned into fitness full-time;
  2. How my brother Leonidas was a force of influence in my life from my transition full-time into the fitness industry, to martial arts, to strength programming;
  3. An ironic, and humorous anecdote about how I learned about the Iron Maiden Challenge from Pavel Tsasouline at my RKC Level I Certification over 4 years ago;
  4. Why you should train to the level of competition for your sport if you have the dedication;
  5. The importance of “emptying your cup” once in a while and helping your clients to do the same;
  6. More detail about my strength workshop “I Am Not Afraid To Lift”;
  7. How becoming really strong eliminates one’s fear of muscles or of “bulking-up”;
  8. The best training advice I’ve received;
  9. And SO MUCH MORE!

I hope you’ll listen in HERE.

The FitCast Podcast, Episode 351

On Episode 351 of The FitCast, Kevin Larrabee and I survive a hail storm, confirm that Massachusetts is the powerhouse state of strength coaches, talk about my Lift workshop going global, badass Ronda Rousey, Linda Hamilton, how to encourage women to truly want to lift weights, progressions that I use for the pull-up and Turkish get-up and so much more including lots of LAUGHTER!

Listen to Episode 351 on iTunes HERE.

Girls Gone Strong

GGS Spotlight

Check out my Girls Gone Strong Spotlight interview HERE.

Stronger Than You Look Podcast 

I was so excited to be invited on the podcast Stronger Than You Look with Zack Henderson owner of Charlotte Kettlebell & Strength in North Carolina. This was by far one of my most favorite podcasts to record. We talk about my journey through fitness from classical ballet to nautilus, stairmasters, Bally’s Total Fitness, Urban Rebounding, to kung fu, kettlebells, the Iron Maiden Challenge, and NOW powerlifting.

We talk about how I rose above my first failed attempt at the Iron Maiden Challenge in October 2013 and how I conquered it 9 months later in July 2014, and about how my mindset changed from my first attempt to the second time when I actually completed it, in addition to how and why I started the workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift and the amazing community it fosters.

Shout outs to some of those who have been there along the way through my fitness and strength training journey, Greg Robins, Charlie Weingroff, Tony Bonvecio, and the Cressey Sports Performance Women’s Powerlifting Group.

You can listen to this podcast HERE.

The HammerShed Podcast, Episode 23

FullSizeRender 2

On this episode of The HammerShed Podcast, Greg Gottfried and I go into detail about how I started out in the fitness industry, my athletic background as a ballet dancer and martial artist, challenges I overcame as a youth ballet dancer, what IS hardstyle kettlebell training, my new love for powerlifting, details about what we do Iron Body Studios and so much more!

You can listen to this podcast HERE or search for the HammerShed Podcast on iTunes.

The FitCast Podcast, Episode 390


I was excited to have Kevin Larrabee invite me BACK on the FitCast! I had such a great time. We talk about tips on how to overcome a plateau with the Turkish get-up, the early days of Iron Body Studios and my top three tips when considering opening your own fitness facility, the Cressey Sports Performance women’s powerlifting group, my most recent powerlifting meet in May 2016, how to cut weight the RIGHT way, safely and effectively, a special announcement about the I Am Not Afraid To Lift women’s strength retreat in 2017, the Perform Better summit (I will be speaking at the Chicago Summit on June 26, 2016!), and so much more!

NOTE on the 2017 Lift Retreat: New dates have been set from the ones that I mention on the podcast and it’s looking like the first weekend in May 2017. Stay tuned for a save the date announcement!

Also, CORRECTION about the location of the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit, it is in Louisville, Kentucky and I will be speaking there on August 6, 2016.

Listen to Episode 390 HERE or search for the FitCast on iTunes.

The All About Fitness Podcast, Episode 12

All About Fitness Podcast

I absolutely LOVED doing this podcast interview with Pete McCall for the “All About Fitness” podcast, Episode #12, about how to start your fitness career and beyond. We bring it back to 1998 when MC Hammer Pants were still in style and to when I took my very first spin class.

I reveal that one of my very first spin classes was actually Pete’s AND we talk about my past career in Procurement and IT Consulting and my perception of the Fitness Industry at that time and SO many more details that I have never revealed before.

Listen to Episode 12 HERE.

The FitCast Podcast, Episode 411


Lisa Lewis and I are invited back on the FitCast to talk about the psychology of fitness and the I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Retreat in May 2017.

Listen to Episode 411 HERE.

New Adventures in Strength Training


I met up with my  friend and colleague Zack Henderson while he was visiting Las Vegas for a little StrongFirst Level II skills review in my garage gym and a quick 20 minute video interview to follow-up to my last podcast interview with him.
We chatted about:
  • Closing Iron Body Studios;
  • My move to Las Vegas;
  • My new position with Cirque du Soleil (as well as Eric’s);
  • Strength and skill carryover from kettlebell lifting to barbell lifting;
  • The synergy of an integrated kettlebell and barbell lifting program;
  • How I built triceps that looks like loaves of bread… JUST KIDDING! But they are in full force during the entire video interview;
  • …and so much more!

Tune in HERE.

Physical Preparation Podcast with Mike Roberson, Robertson Training Systems

Artemis Scantalides on Building the Female Physique

Tune in HERE

All About Fitness Podcast with Pete McCall – AAF 94 Artemis Scantalides Returns

Tune in HERE

“Cut The S#!T Get Fit”, Episode 43

Check out my most recent podcast interview with Rafal Matuszewski for his “Cut The S#!T Get Fit” podcast. 

We discuss:

  • My new life and routine in Las Vegas; 
  • My new position at Cirque du Soleil; 
  • My career transition into the fitness industry full-time; 
  • Challenges I encountered when I worked for a commercial gym; 
  • Why we decided to close our training studio in Boston, Iron Body Studios; 
  • Why the pull-up/chin-up is such an excellent performance goal and pull-up training tips; 
  • How women are the “supreme beings of putting themselves down” & how shifting to a positive mindset can be empowering; 
  • The power of SLEEP and so much more!

Tune in HERE 

Fitness Blitz Podcast: Artemis Scantalides – Fast Forward The Movie of You

Listen HERE

Muscle Medicine Podcast Episode 4 with Artemis Scantalides

Listen HERE

The Body Project Podcast Episode 7 with Artemis Scantalides

Listen HERE

The Modus Movement Podcast Episode 18 with Artemis Scantalides

Listen HERE

The All About Fitness Podcast, Artemis Scantalides – Creating Optimal Efficiency in Life & Exercise

Listen to the podcast interview HERE


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