One year ago I launched my EmpowerU 1:1 online fitness and nutrition coaching program with the goal of transitioning my business to 100% online by December 31, 2019.

I ended 2018 making less than 30k in gross revenue from my online business. Therefore, I also had a financial goal for 2019 to make 100k.

At the time that I launched EmpowerU, I was juggling multiple jobs,

  1. Strength Coach for Cirque du Soleil’s show KÀ.
  2. Training small groups, in person, in my garage 2x/week.
  3. Managing a small client load with my online business.

Since starting an online business in 2012, I had never solely dedicated myself 100% to building my online business. In 2019, even though I was fearful I might fail, I felt ready to try. (Watch the video below to learn more about a piece of my personal story about how I made this transition along with my struggles, fears, and success.)

Given my multiple jobs, I had the bandwidth to take on 5 EmpowerU clients.

As soon I launched EmpowerU, I had a phenomenal response and filled the 5 spots in less than 10 days.

6 weeks later I left Cirque so that I could keep up with the demand of EmpowerU.

8 weeks later I let go of my in-person clients so that I could continue to keep up with the demand EmpowerU and the teaching schedule for my women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift®.

I achieved my goal of transitioning my business to 100% online 8 MONTHS EARLY.

I achieved my 100k financial goal 1 MONTH EARLY.

I grew my business from less than 30k to 100k in 10 short months.

Last year alone I serviced almost 200 TOTAL clients with my online coaching and workshops:

  • 1:1 Coaching: ~40 clients
  • Workshops: Over 100 students!
  • Hormone Reset: ~30 ladies and I launched this program in LATE 3rd quarter 2019

This year I streamlined my fitness service offerings to include ONLY TWO,

  1. EmpowerU 1:1 Fitness and Nutrition (Includes strength training and programming, nutrition plan and coaching, hormone balance, and mindset). I have THREE 1:1 spots available in my EmpowerU Fitness Program. APPLY ==> HERE <== and 
  2. 45-Day Hormone Reset group coaching program.

PLUS, I added TWO BUSINESS COACHING service offerings,

  1. I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Mentorship group coaching program. SIGN UP ==> HERE <== TO GET MORE DETAILS). 
  2. EmpowerU 1:1 Business coaching.

If you are a fitness professional who,

  • Has in an person business and would like to transition to 100% online but do not know how.
  • Is struggling to grow beyond 5 figures.
  • Wants to add an easy 5 figures to your annual gross revenue.


I have FOUR spots available for 1:1 Business Coaching. Apply ==> HERE <==

Yours in Strength,



Artemis Scantalides


EmpowerU Online Coaching

I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Workshops