5 Double Kettlebell Snatch Tips

In the world of Kettlebell Training, the Kettlebell Snatch is considered the “Tsar” of kettlebell lifts.  It is a fantastic movement for total body conditioning and for learning force production.  Those who know the kettlebell snatch, LOVE the snatch.

Before you learn the kettlebell snatch you want to make sure that you master the kettlebell swing, both two handed and one handed, and the kettlebell clean first.  I will teach the following kettlebell lifts, in the following order before teaching the snatch:

  • Kettlebell Two Handed Swing
  • Kettlebell One Handed Swing
  • Kettlebell Hand to Hand Swings
  • Kettlebell Clean
  • Kettlebell High Pull
  • Kettlebell Snatch

Once you have mastered these kettlebell movements and the single bell snatch, then the double bell snatch is a great way to progress your kettlebell snatch.  I will teach the double bell movements in the same progressive order as the single bell movements before teaching the kettlebell double snatch.

  • Double Kettlebell Swing
  • Double Kettlebell Clean
  • Double Kettlebell High Pull
  • Double Kettlebell Snatch

In the video below I go through  5 quick tips to improve the double kettlebell snatch. If I sound out of breath it’s because I just finished demonstrating double kettlebell snatches to my online training clients. (Train with me online! See more info about online training with me at the end of this post…)

  1. LOTS of hip power;
  2. Break the Arc on the way up;
  3. First time practicing the double snatch? Focus on the snatch up and rack the kettlebells on the way down instead of snatching them down as demonstrated in the video below;

Double 16kg Snatch with Racked Eccentric

4. When you DO snatch the kettlebells down, break the arc on the eccentric the same way you break the arc on the snatch up (learn more in my blog post “Do You Have A Sexy Snatch?“);

5. Start with a kettlebell weight that is 1-2 bells sizes lighter than your single snatch size bell.

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The Kettlebell Crusher program will turn you into a double kettlebell beast so that you too can double snatch 70% of your bodyweight overhead 😉 . See below as I snatch double 18kgs (80lbs) kettlebells which is 70% of my bodyweight…

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  • Interactive online support via a private Facebook group;
  • A mobility warm-up that incorporates the Original Strength System, *CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations), and general mobility drills;
  • Turkish get-up practice;
  • Programming to increase pull-up and press strength;
  • Single and double kettlebell work including complexes and chains (with the option to train single bell if you are not ready for double bell work yet);
  • Daily kettlebell swing or snatch metabolic finisher.
  • …and much more!

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*CARs: The Functional Range Conditioning definition according to  Dr. Andreo Spina is Active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion.



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