In Less Than 25 Days I Will Turn 45 Years Old…


“Courage is when your instincts, your values, and your goals align,

and you have a “push moment” that drives you to act with courage.”


Each year around this time, as my birthday swiftly approaches and I take ownership of the number even before it’s official, I take stock of everything I’ve accomplished in the past year, as well as all the years I have been on this earth.

A few things I’ve learned in 45 years is that…

It’s never too late.

You’re never too old.

It will never be the right time.

All you have is RIGHT NOW.

So that scary thing you’ve been putting off? 

You have to DO IT NOW or else it will be NEVER.  

All too often I have people who are in their 40s, 50s and 60s share with me that they think it’s too late to start something new or change, because they think they are too old.

Maybe it’s the example that my parents’ set for me, because you know my mom is THE ORIGINAL BADASS having passed her Taekwondo Black Belt at age 53, among many other things… 

BUT I have NEVER let my age dictate what I can and cannot do. 

If I had, then I never would have,

Age 32 left a $100k/year consulting job to work full-time in the fitness industry for a $0 starting salary.

Age 32 obtained my kung fu black belt .

Age 35 opened a gym.

Age 38 completed the StrongFirst Iron Maiden Challenge.

Age 38 created my internationally known women’s strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift®.

Age 39 STARTED powerlifting and competed in MY FIRST powerlifting meet ONE MONTH before my 40th birthday AND DEADLIFTED 300lbs!

Age 40 had the courage to close our gym because it was no longer working and no longer our dream.

Age 41 had the courage to move to a place I had never even visited before, Las Vegas, and completely start over professionally and personally.

Age 42 DEADLIFTED 315lbs!

Age 42 had the courage to invest $3k in a business coach and go all in to my online business.

Age 43 had the courage to invest $30k a different, high-level business coach, almost 20yrs younger than me, let go of my ego and listen to everything she asked me to do.

Age 44 had the courage to completely pivot my business and basically start all over and build a brand new business IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC.

Age 45 have the courage to keep going to achieve my 7-figure goal.

If something makes you feel equally terrified and excited at the same time, that’s the universe telling you that your instincts, values, and goals are aligned and you should take the leap.

What leap will YOU take in 2021?

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Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,




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