The Biggest Risk Is NOT Taking A Risk

One year ago, I took a risk and gambled on myself…

I made a pants pooping, gut wrenching, sprinkled with excitement decision to invest $30k with a business coach to,

  • Take massive steps to go from being a solopreneur to a CEO
  • Pivot my business from strength, fitness and nutrition coaching to business coaching
  • Double my business’ 2019 annual gross revenue in 2020, from $100k to $200k 

This investment was one of the most petrifying decisions I had ever made because the financial investment lit a bonfire under my ass to do the insane amount of work required to make massive changes to my business.



However, I knew it was the right decision because when you make a huge leap in your life, you want to feel equal parts excitement and terror.



As a result, this year we, 

  • Went from 0 to 17 business coaching clients within 9 weeks of officially announcing our pivot
  • Focused on 2 core offers:
    • 1:1 Business Coaching
    • EmpowerU Business Academy (EBA)
  • Helped 30 fitness and healthcare professionals build their online business
  • Hit 2 of our biggest months with our online business at $25k+27k
  • Went from a team of 2 people to a team of 4 people!


If this is possible during a pandemic, imagine what is possible for 2021! 

In fact, this weekend I finalized our launch calendar for 2021 and if we fill all of our programs, we will hit $780k in annual revenue for 2021!


In 2021 we will focus on 5 core offers,

    • 1:1 Business Coaching
    • EmpowerU Business Academy (EBA)
    • EmpowerU MiniMind
    • EmpowerU Mastermind
    • EmpowerU Energy Reboot

And we plan to hire at least one more team member, an assistant coach.

Last week we helped our EBA students map out their 2021 annual launch calendars so that they could see what is truly possible.

It helped them to see themselves as true entrepreneurs and CEOs of their own business with a vision and real-life financial projections.

I took a risk to break down my existing 6-figure business to build a brand-new business, bigger and better, so that I could make more of an impact.

But really, the bigger risk would have been to not take a risk… 

Because without risk >>> you stay the same…

and right now, I would be exactly where I was one year ago.

Now THAT’s risky.

 What risk will YOU take in 2021?

Are you looking to hire a business coach to help you grow your business in 2021? 

If yes apply to work with us  >>>>> HERE <<<<<


Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,



p.s. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself when you are deciding to hire a business coach and invest in a coaching program: 


  • Are they where you want to be?
  • Do they have what you want?
  • Have they already created it?



  • Can they minimize the time it will take you to get there?
  • Can they help you to navigate the speed bumps and challenges?



  • Do they have results and social proof beyond their own?



  • Is the investment a little bit of a stretch?
  • Does it make you uncomfortable and cause you to step outside of your comfort zone and grow?



  • What would the future version of yourself do?


Artemis Scantalides

Founder & Owner

EmpowerU Online Coaching

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