YOU Have The Power To Change The Script…

When I was training for the StrongFirst Iron Maiden Challenge, almost 10 years ago, the 24kg (53lbs) military press was my most challenging lift.

Over the years that I trained for this challenge, it became my nemesis.

The pull-up and pistol squat were easy.

I owned them.

They made me feel powerful and in control.

But the press?

The press owned ME.

It drained me of my power and had control over me.

I spent many training sessions in tears because this particular lift, with this particular weight made me feel defeated, worthless, incapable…

I know it sounds silly to put so much importance on a little piece of iron, but a large chunk of my self-worth was wrapped up in my ability to be strong enough to press this bell and complete the IM.

Not only was achieving this goal extremely important to me, but pressing 24kg and completing the IM became symbolic.

During the first 2 years that I trained for the IM, I let the 24kg press take away my power.

I let it make me forget that I am actually in control of my life and my destiny.

UNTIL, I failed my first attempt at the IM in September 2013.

That’s when the tides changed…

I completed the pull-up and pistol squat flawlessly, but failed the press.

I came back from that failure and rebuilt my military press skill and strength and my relationship with the 24kg bell.

I started from scratch with 12kg (26lbs) and learned how to press all over again.

Little by little, as I made my way back up to 24kg, I turned my relationship with the 24kg press from toxic to healthy.

On July 25, 2014, I completed the IM, but I had a slight hiccup with the press…

I kicked off the challenge by pressing the 24kg on the right side. The press was not going where I wanted it to go, so I stopped.

If I failed another lift, then I would fail the IM.

I moved onto the pull-up and pistol squat and completed them easily, but then I was back to the press.

As I stared at the bell and decided to press it on the left, instead of the right, in my mind, I said to it, “You’re going up this time MOTHERF*CKER because I am NOT doing this a third time.”

In that moment, I remembered that I was in control, took my power back, and cleaned and pressed the bell like a knife through buttah. I OWNED IT.

It’s the same in life and business… 

If you’re not happy, YOU have the power to change the script and take your power back.

I changed the script and took my power back when, 

I left my IT consulting job to work as a personal trainer.

I left a commercial gym to open my own gym.

We closed our gym to move to Las Vegas so that Eric could work for Cirque du Soleil because our gym was no longer our gym and owning it was no longer bringing us joy and fulfillment.

I left Cirque du Soleil and let go of my in-person clients so that I could transition my business 100% online.

We pivoted our business to business coaching because after working for almost 20 years in the fitness industry, strength, fitness and nutrition coaching was no longer our passion.

INSTEAD, helping other fitness professionals grow their businesses was now our passion and our mission!

Enrollment opens for our EmpowerU Business Academy February 2 and people are already putting down deposits to reserve their spot.

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Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


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