What Freedom REALLY Feels like…

13 years ago, when I started out full-time in the fitness industry, I was working for two commercial gyms as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor, AND training private clients in their homes on the side.

I was a SLAVE to my business, working 6 days a week, 5 days 6am-8pm, plus half days on Saturdays, running around like a crazy person to multiple locations, lugging kettlebells in and out of my car everywhere I traveled.

I’d go through my days in a burnt-out fog and would end the week on Friday completely toasted with only enough energy to collapse onto my couch and press the button on the remote to watch marathon episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project.

On Saturday mornings, I would drag myself out of bed to train a few clients and teach a cycling class. 
After, I would come home, and if I had energy, I would clean my apartment (oh fun 🥳!) and then collapse on my couch again for more BRAVO TV.

I DREADED Mondays as the 6-day cycle started again.

I was always stressed about hitting my monthly numbers for the gym so that I could get the higher percentage pay split and so that I could keep my health insurance.

Days off meant that I did not get paid and that I would have to make up sessions and money somehow, so I hardly ever took time off.

I worked weekends, holidays, and a 4-day long weekend was a “vacation”.

I had a friend who was a part-time spin instructor at the gym, and I envied how she spent her Sundays – brunch, read a book, take a nap, afternoon yoga class

My Sunday?? Client programs, cleaning and laundry, and the Sunday Scaries all day as I dreaded my 6am Monday start-time.

I believed it wasn’t possible to work in fitness and have a Sunday like my friend.

I also became conditioned to believe that in fitness you could not dictate your own schedule.

Your clients dictated your schedule, because if you didn’t take a client then you would lose out on money.

Your work was your LIFE.

Foolishly, I thought owning my own gym would solve all of this. Instead, it was WORSE.

Now, in addition to the early mornings, late nights, and split shifts, I, along with my husband Eric, had all of the responsibilities of the gym… and OH MY GOD THE EXPENSES!

(Did I ever tell you that one year at our first facility we once received a SURPRISE bill for snow  removal in June 2015 from our landlord for $2,691.54! That’s a story for another email!)

PLUS, if we wanted to take a vacation, we had to shut down the gym or find motivated and trustworthy help to cover for us while we were gone.

Finding good help was EXTREMELY difficult.

Also around this time I started my blog and my part-time online coaching business.

There weren’t a lot of coaches online at that time, but I had a few colleagues in my circle who had full-time online businesses and they were CRUSHING IT.

Making what seemed to be “easy money” online, with the personal and financial freedom I craved.

Since I had a part-time online business, I wondered what I was doing wrong that was holding me back from the personal and financial freedom they had.

They seemed to do less, attract more, and have fun along the way. 

I wanted THAT life!

At that time, what I didn’t realize was that what was holding me back was,

>>> …my limiting beliefs about my self worth as I compared myself to my colleagues.

>>> …plus that comparison amplified my feelings of scarcity and lack.

>>>… the fact that my online business was part-time, so I wasn’t ALL-IN…

I was dipping my toes in and treating my online business like a side hustle or hobby to my full-time gym business.

I was also still holding onto the limiting beliefs that,

>>>… if you’re not working hard then you are an imposter and not worthy.

>>>… you have to work hard to make money, grow your business, and have financial freedom.

My colleagues who had full-time online businesses seemed to NOT work as hard as I did…

and even though I wanted what they had SO BADLY, a large part of me, deep down, was scared to let go of my limiting beliefs and this identity that working hard all the time made me worthy.

After we closed our gym and moved to Las Vegas to work for Cirque du Soleil, we vowed to have a COMPLETELY different life full of vacations and personal enjoyment.

We did a good job making this change while still subject to our schedules at Cirque, but we were still limited by working for someone else.

We had to take our weekends and vacations according to Eric’s schedule at Cirque.

Plus, we discovered that there wasn’t a lot of growth for either one of us as long as we were working for someone else.

It wasn’t until I made the decision to leave Cirque and let go of my in-person clients to GO ALL-IN to grow my part-time online business to a full-time online business, that we TRULY started to experience the financial and personal freedom that we had been seeking all of those years.

When you own an online business, your personal, professional, and financial growth is LIMITLESS!

I know it’s scary to let go of working for someone else to build your own online business and to hold yourself accountable for the growth and success of this business, BUT until you do you will always be reliant upon someone else to dictate your income and your schedule.

I also know that it’s scary to overcome your limiting beliefs and venture away from working so hard all the time for very little money to a life that you are working less and making more money when you are conditioned to believe that you MUST work hard to make a lot of money.


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Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


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