How To Be An UNREALISTIC Goal Achiever

When I decided to pivot to business coaching at the end of 2019, I had a vision for my business and knew elements of what I wanted,

→ Switch from fitness to business and create and teach business courses vs. writing and coaching strength programs

→ More entrepreneur/CEO in my life and less solopreneur and personal trainer

→ Hire a team

→ Hit multiple 6-figures

BUT, I didn’t know exactly how I would get there or how it would turn out. I had never done this exact thing before, so how would I know if I was going to be successful?

I had been a strength and fitness coach for over 11 years, 16 if you count the time that it was my side hustle, so this was a BIG change and I was SCARED.

Despite my fear, I knew that if I didn’t make this change, I would regret it and that my future self would confirm my regret.

I had never done anything like this exact thing before, BUT in the past, I had pivoted and set Unrealistic Goals MULTIPLE times AND achieved them.

Such as,

When I left my IT consulting job to work full-time in the fitness industry. 

Many people thought I was crazy and that I would fail.

I mean, what nut job leaves a $100k/year + bonus and benefits “secure” job to work as a personal trainer with a starting pay of ZERO??

THIS nut job.

I left my office job 13 years ago in 2008 and never looked back. Instead I went on to build a successful career in strength and fitness.

When I left the commercial gym to open my own gym.

Even though that “dream” didn’t turn out exactly how we had envisioned, we were still successful and in 2016 Men’s Health named us as one of the Top 10 Gyms In America.

When I decided to complete the Iron Maiden Challenge.

At that time, only 3 women had completed it and no one my size had ever completed it. I successfully completed the IM on July 25, 2014.

When I had a vision for my women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift® to spread the importance of strength training to ALL women and to empower them to overcome limiting beliefs by doing BIG, scary things in the weight room.

Over the years, I taught this workshop all over the US and in Australia and it grossed multiple 6 figures.

When I decided to transition my business 100% online I went all in and grew it to six figures in a short 10 months.

When I invested $30k in a coach to pivot my business and grow it to multiple 6-figures, I relied upon all of these past Mastery Experiences of success as evidence that I would be successful.

PLUS, I saw other people who were insanely successful doing what I wanted to do, so I knew it was possible.

I had to believe it.

There was no plan B, because if there was a plan B, then I would fail.

There was one plan, one goal, and I was going to venture out of my comfort zone once again, and be successful.

SO, what do you do when you decide to listen to your fear and set a big, fat, scary goal and you have no evidence to support that you will be successful?

→ You pull from past mastery experiences of big, fat scary goals you have accomplished in the past.

→ You find an experience in your past life that you did not have any evidence of success but you were willing to go out of your comfort zone to take a risk. 

As strength and fitness coaches, you know growth comes out of your comfort zone.

→ You ask yourself “What would your future self do or say to you?”.

I guarantee that she/he would tell you to do THE THING that scares you so that you have no regrets.

→ And finally, YOU TRUST YOURSELF.

If you’ve been putting off pulling the trigger on building your dream business and life, NOW is the time to do it!

Putting it off won’t make it any easier or happen any faster.

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Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


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