The FRAMEWORK for Self Confidence and Money Mastery!

Are you struggling with building a strong foundation of Self Confidence with money?

Do you find yourself struggling to talk and think positively the majority of the day about money?

Building Self Confidence and self worth related to money does not have to be a hard task.

Building Self Confidence and Money Mastery 
takes planning and repetition.

Building Self Confidence and Money Mastery is exactly the same thing as training for a healthy body.

You must see who you want to be, have a plan and put the plan into ACTION DAILY!

Any Idea, Plan, or Purpose YOU have may be placed in the mind through repetition of THOUGHT!

Here is a simple FRAMEWORK for Building Self Confidence and Money Mastery:

  1. FIRST and foremost, you must commit to Persistent, Consistent and Continuous ACTION toward your attainment of your DEFINITE PURPOSE of money mastery.
  1. NEXT, integrate 30 minutes Daily of Concentration and Focusing your thoughts on the person you wish to be with money. Create a clear picture of that person.
  1. THIRD, Choose 3-5 Positive Affirmations that support your desire and commitment to building Self Confidence and Money Mastery. Know that through the use of Positive Affirmations any DESIRE for money you persistently hold in your mind will eventually seek expression through a practical means (the monies will manifest!).
  1. FOURTH, clearly WRITE down your CHIEF DEFINITE PURPOSE with the monies in life, and do not stop trying until you have developed Self Confidence.
  1. FIFTH and final, do not ENGAGE in relationships that do not support your mission of healing your relationship with money and committing to building Self Confidence and Money Mastery.

Just like Jen Sincero, author of “You Are A Badass at Making Money” writes, 

“Don’t listen to your pals.”

We tend to want to involve our old pals, people we feel comfortable with, or even family members when we are pushing ourselves to change and grow.

But here’s the thing, taking advice from people who are nowhere near where you want to be is one of the best ways to stay right where you are.

If you really want to change and grow, then you need to spend time with people you can learn from, people who know what they are doing, and possess qualities of your future-self you are working towards BEcoming.

Surround yourself with like minded individuals who support, encourage, and contribute to the money mindset shifts you are working on.

This will help you to ATTRACT the forces you wish to use to UP-LEVEL AND the cooperation of others who may initially be resistant to the new, confident, and abundant person you are becoming.

Your affirmation through this process…

I will CAUSE others to BELIEVE in ME
because I BELIEVE in THEM, and in MYSELF.

I also want you to…

for self confidence with money!  

Commit it to MEMORY…



Know that with full FAITH this framework will gradually influence your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS.  

Know that you WILL become a self-reliant and successful person and a master with money!

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Peace and Abundance,


Eric Gahan
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