How one of our clients manifested an additional $2,200/month.

The other day I shared with you how fear, guilt, and shame lower your energy vibe and block the flow of abundance because…

When you receive or spend money with guilt and shame it lowers your energy vibe and perpetuates a cycle of unworthiness…

…you tell the universe that you are not worthy of the money that you are receiving or the things you are buying in exchange for the money. 

WELL, another block of abundance, along the lines of FEAR, is → fear of judgment.

The biggest challenge we see with our business coaching clients is not the tactical business stuff like creating offers, marketing, or social media…


It’s holding onto limiting beliefs related to..

→ fear of judgement

→ self-worth



TRUE STORY → One of our 1:1 Business Coaching clients was blocking the flow of abundance in her business (e.g. filling her group program, getting new clients, and MONEY) because she was holding onto fear of judgment and guilt

Guilt that she had related to taking time away from taking care of her father so that she could build her business.⁣

Guilt, fear of judgment, and limiting beliefs that she had related to her family members judging her for…

  • not working hard enough → 
    • “You have to work hard to make a lot of money…” 
    • “You SHOULD always be working… 
    • “If you’re not working then you’re not making money…” 
  • for not having a “REAL job”
    • “An online business as a fitness professional is not a “REAL” job”.

As soon as she started to work through these energy blocks, within 10 days, she manifested

two new 1:1 clients

→ an extra $2,200 per month

→ plus a 401k that she didn’t know existed! 

The money and abundance started flowing 
like a river in her business and life! ⁣

So much so that on our next coaching call she was freaking out about having the money and wanted to work on keeping the money and feeling comfortable with her new identity as someone who HAS MONEY

BUT that will have to be another story for another time ;)…

IN THE MEANTIME, watch the video below to hear about her story and learn about how we helped her to overcome these blocks and increase the flow of abundance in her business.⁣

Watch the video to hear her story!

But listen! You don’t have to only take my word for it because she shares her story below in her testimonial…

Kerry Seppa

“By working with Artemis and Eric, I learned so much about the following with regard to my money mindset…

→ Understanding my worth and raising my prices.

→ Letting go of long time clients who did not understand my worth and quality of services and those who often wanted discounts and took advantage of my kindness and time.

NOW, I decide who I work with…  I say “No!” more frequently to people and things that don’t serve my highest good. I don’t feel bad or guilty about it either! 

→ Manifesting money through mindset work and practicing this daily… seeing myself daily with money in the bank, ability to pay my bills, ability to do the things I want for myself and to help others.

I have patience that it takes time and I know it is working.

This work allows for abundance to show up into my life in many ways… little things like finding pennies and quarters on my daily walks or bills in pockets of jackets I haven’t worn in awhile.

These little things matter and I always say out loud “Thank you universe for this gift”.  

In bigger ways this mindset work attracts my ideal clients to me… They seek me out online!

They have done their homework, know what they want and connect with me.  

I have received numerous new clients that signed up with me, paid up front happily and never questioned my prices because they know that my knowledge, expertise and experience is worth it… When you manifest your ideal clients – they will come to you when you least expect it!

I have also had money come in out of nowhere from a previous employer in the form of a 401K savings that I completely forgot about!  

I recently downsized from an 1800 sq ft space to a 550 sq ft studio space. The majority of my business is now online and having a smaller space to work out of is perfect for me.  The savings in rent is huge and takes a lot of the money stress away to allow for new positive energy.  I renovated the space to make it my own. It is open, clean, has big windows and high ceilings.  A work space that makes me feel good sparks creativity and abundance!

I continue to practice my money mindset daily and I am excited to see what happens next!  I think having a positive money mindset is a pretty awesome superpower!

Thank you Artemis and Eric for lighting the spark for me. I am grateful.”

Can you relate to Kerry’s story?

→ Do you feel STUCK in life and/or in your business?

→ Do you feel like energy, flow, and momentum is stagnant, and overall abundance is non-existent in your life?

In >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< we help you to… 

→ Identify people and experiences that shaped your limiting beliefs around money.

→ Make a “forgiveness list” and FORGIVE.

→ Be the Gentle Observer and become aware of your self-judgment and the judgement of others.

→ Learn how to integrate a daily practice of forgiveness and compassionate self-forgiveness so that you can release self-judgment and the judgment of others to open up the flow of abundance into your life.

Are you in??

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>>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< starts April 26 and is ONLY $97! 

Don’t worry if you miss a LIVE training, you will have access to the recordings of the trainings and the course FOREVER!

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We are excited to help you to live a more abundant life!

See you in the course!

Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


Artemis Scantalides
Founder & Owner
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