Iron Body Shred Client Beth H. Success Story


Are you wondering what our Iron Body Shred program can do for you?

Beth H. started training with Iron Body Training Systems in February 2014 by following the Iron Body Shred program. She had never lifted weights before, never mind trained with kettlebells before.  By training consistently 3 times per week, a mere 9 months later by October 2014, she was one of our strongest clients!

Beth is able to complete a Turkish Get-up with 18kg (40lbs) overhead and two hand swing 24kg (53lbs)!  She is an inspiration to all of us!

Join our Iron Body Shred program and see what superhuman strength YOU are capable of!

Beth H. Turkish 18kg (40lbs) Get-up Right Side

Beth H. Turkish 18kg (40lbs) Get-up Left Side
Beth H. 24kg (53lbs) Two Handed Swings
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