Why I Love The Single And Double Kettlebell Deadlift.


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The other day I received an email from another coach asking if I had any blog posts or videos about the set up for the single and double kettlebell deadlift detailing technique and cues that may be different from the barbell deadlift.

I did not, so I figured I would put together a post that teaches these movements along with the reasons why I love the single and double kettlebell deadlift.

At my strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift, when I teach The Hinge, I teach both the single and double kettlebell deadlift along with the two handed kettlebell swing.

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I love the Single Kettlebell Deadlift for many reasons but mainly because when you are first starting out with strength training and learning how to deadlift, the single kettlebell deadlift can be a lot less intimidating to learn than a barbell deadlift as the kettlebell is a single weight with a handle that resembles a load we might handle in every day life versus a barbell with all these other “assembly required” parts like plates and clips.

In addition, the technique and cues I use in the video below help to teach the upper body tension that you need to have in order to execute a strong deadlift and learning the single kettlebell deadlift also helps to pattern the body mechanics for the kettlebell swing.

Watch the full instructional video on the Single Kettlebell Deadlift HERE:

I love the Double Kettlebell Deadlift for BOTH beginner lifters and for more experienced lifters.


For the beginner lifter, it allows them to continue to work with a tool (the kettlebell) that they are already familiar with if they have been training single kettlebell deadlifts. The only difference is that they are doubling it up. Double the bells, double the weight, double the fun!

For the beginner lifter the double kettlebell deadlift is a great transitional step before approaching the barbell deadlift. It helps them to build more confidence with the deadlift in general because the double kettlebell deadlift is a more advanced movement and it allows the lifter to handle more weight.

For both the beginner lifter, but especially the advanced lifter, I love the double kettlebell deadlift because it teaches the lifter to,

  1. sit back low into their hips and really load their hips; and
  2. learn how to wedge their body over and into the weight and get really tight with the weight.

Lastly, it helps the lifter train grip strength. As the kettlebell gets heavier the handle gets thicker and no matter how heavy the kettlebell, unlike a barbell deadlift, the lifter cannot use an mixed (one hand overhand and one hand underhand) grip and the lifter still needs to handle a single kettlebell in each hand.

Watch the full instructional video on the Double Kettlebell Deadlift HERE:


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