Client Success Story Sharon Carrieri – “I workout for sanity, not vanity.”

Iron Body Studios’ Client Sharon Carrieri, Client since 2009

“I workout for sanity, not vanity.”

Sharon Carrieri has lost 15 pounds, from 164 pounds to ~149 pounds, and 2 pants sizes within 5 months by training with kettlebells 3 to 4 times per week.

Here is her Iron Body story…

Hi my name is Sharon Carrieri, I’m 40ish and I’m proud to say I’m an Iron Body Studios Momma!

I’m someone who has exercised and battled the game of weight loss for most of my life. I have pretty much been a yo-yo workout weight loss person for twenty years. I’ve tried every diet and trend that has been offered and always gained it back or stopped the routine. I am a girl who has dealt with chondromilacia (anterior knee pain due to irritation of the cartilage on the undersurface of the kneecap) in both knees and back issues that are a result of 10 years of lifting and delivering packages for one of the largest delivery services in the world.

Three years ago I met a trainer named Artemis. This dark haired spunky Greek goddess showed up at my former gym. Upon speaking with her she possessed knowledge that exceeded any trainer I had ever spoken to. Not only at that time was she in amazing shape but also she was a class act fitness instructor. She was and still is committed to share her enthusiasm of health and fitness.  Artemis continuously shares nutrition and safe mobility instruction to us verbally and through welcomed emails. Both aspects are the key to my success so far and for my future journey.

Upon meeting Artemis I began faithfully attending her spin and total body conditioning classes and soon she began a small group training session introducing kettlebells to the gym. Having young children and being a stay at home mom financially this was a stretch for our budget but because of the way I was beginning to feel on the inside while exercising in her presence my husband and I made it work. Some how kettlebell training brings with it when you are done a bit more patience and calmness through out your day (at least for me it does).

Three years later this past September 2012 (did I mention I normally would have quit this by now!) I began training with kettlebells twice a week. I began to start to see some changes in my body but NOTHING like what has recently taken place. In January 2012 I left my former gym and followed Artemis to become an Iron Body Studios Client; this was a life changing decision that I wasn’t expecting. In January I purchased a Monthly Unlimited Pass to Iron Body Studios and have been training with Artemis & Eric 4 days a week. Sometimes placing a Spin class or a cardio walk into the week but I really get all of my cardio and weight training in with the RKC Kettlebell method. I find that it delivers a high intensity power endurance workout that is burning the fat right off my ass literally LOL! Artemis’ knowledge and dedication of strength and fitness and Eric’s knowledge of body mobility and function along with their combined RKC Kettlebell Certifications make them an indescribable team. BOTH of their dedication and constant personal attention to my body and how it functions is how I have lost a total of 15lbs., (from 164 pounds to ~149 pounds), and two pant sizes that’s a total of 3lbs. a month thru the holiday season too (never in my life have I done that). In September I was wearing a size 12 and I can fit into a size 6, however, I am most comfortable in a size 8 for now, BUT I know that I will be comfortable in that size 6 VERY SOON.

I have also been eating in a healthy and clean manner not depriving myself of the foods I like (or should I say that my children like such a pizza) but just making healthier choices and controlling the portion size.

It’s not the scale that has my family & friends talking but the transformation that is happening to my body on the inside that is very noticeable. I truly enjoy and feel better emotionally as well as physically. My positive energy and ability to accomplish and multi task has resurfaced I “sometimes” have an inner control (those of you who know me best I’m a good crazy now wouldn’t ya say J). I have 2 wonderful and extremely adorable boys ages 6 & 7 and they are the epitome of “BOYS”. It’s stressful some days to keep up with their energy and truthfully their mischievous behavior.  Somehow a Kettlebell work out can bring me to be a better Mom. I tell my friends I work out for sanity not vanity.

The pay off of the RKC Kettlebell workout is greater than that. I no longer have to hold the railing when walking up & down the stairs anymore for fear that my knees may give out… stairs were just plain old hurtful. I can get down on the floor and LEGO away with my kids for hours and my back isn’t aching when I get up. These things are far more important to me than the number on a scale. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a girl and when that scale is moving in the downward direction YEAH that makes me smile too… especially when I’m really enjoying the workout.

The thing about Iron Body Studios RKC kettlebell training and I guess the Iron Body Boot Camp too is it’s invigorating, fun but most of all it’s a badass work out.  We are constantly working a variety of muscle groups at once. The continued reminders of keeping focus on form and control, packed shoulders, hike position and controlled breathing I believe is what is just shedding the fat and producing the muscle.

I wasn’t quite ready to share these before and “halfway there” pictures but to validate what I’m saying I guess it is necessary.  It’s still hard for me to look at them. The thought that they were just taken 5 months ago still amazes me. My friends and family see the transformation better than I do. I can’t wait till my “after photo shoot” with that being said I must give a shout out to my photographer Massimo my 5-year-old son LOL J who else could have taken pictures like this.

Iron Body Studios has changed the way I work out and made it a way of life, for this I will forever be grateful. I have friendships that are healthy and strong.  The people I swing with are very dear to me. I enjoy all of their company and we support each other like family.

I have found that you don’t have to work out like a crazy person to get fit; you just have to find your self working out with some crazy friends to get it done!  Join our classes and you too will have the gift of kettlebell knowledge, strength and Iron Bodies that we do!

Thank You Artemis and Eric for opening me up to a work out that challenges total body, mind and soul you make differences in peoples lives not just their wardrobes.

Sharon Carrieri; Newton, MA

“BEFORE” – September 2011


“CURRENT” – March 2012


“BEFORE” – September 2011


“CURRENT” – March 2012


“BEFORE” – September 2011

“CURRENT” – March 2012

  This is not the end people…see you in June 😉 – Sharon

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