The Sacred Fool

“The Sacred Fool is willing to leave behind what has been because it no longer feels right to stay attached to it & trusts life completely.”

One year ago, I had just returned from teaching my women’s strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift® in Albany, NY.

Before I left for that workshop, I remember feeling completely burned out. 

After 8 months of grinding at full speed ahead to grow my online business from $30k to $100k in 10 months, I had been a one woman show going at 700 RPMs, buying into the limiting beliefs that I had been for YEARS, AND that all of us coaches buy into, that 

  • If you’re not working hard then you are an imposter and not worthy.
  • You have to work hard to make money, grow your business, and be rich.
  • You have to do everything all yourself without any support because if you ask for help or hire support then it makes you a fraud and devalues your work.

While on that trip to Albany, I hit a wall. I physically could not do it anymore. I could not continue to run my business the way I had been running it.

I could not continue to live my life the way I had been living it!

It was not sustainable and in fact was affecting my health, as I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Adrenal Dysfunction and discovered THAT was the reason why I could not regulate my low thyroid and Hashimoto’s. 

I knew there was a better way because I had seen other coaches LIVING IT while they built THRIVING 6 and 7 figure businesses with ample time for personal freedom and creativity, all while being supported by a team. 

I took a leap of faith and invested a petrifying, pants-pooping amount of money in a business coach to help me make the drastic change that I needed to make and LEVEL UP so that I could let go of limiting beliefs and grow the 7-figure empire with a support team that I dreamed of.

Within 10 months of hiring my coach I,

  • Busted through limiting beliefs I didn’t even know they were living inside of me.
  • Hired a team to support our business.
  • Created the schedule that I want that includes ample time for personal freedom and creativity so that I’m not a burnt out, crazed lunatic.
  • Expect to hit multiple 6 figures this year on my journey to 7 figures.

As coaches, we think that if we are not working hard then we are not worthy of receiving money.

But the truth is that getting rich is not about working harder…

It’s about working LESS because you are making SMARTER CHOICES.

“Getting rich is not about working harder. It’s about working LESS because you are making SMARTER CHOICES.” ~Jen Sincero

My coach resurrected my Sacred Fool and CHANGED MY LIFE!

If you’re looking for a coach who will help you to do less, attract more and have fun along the way, while transforming your business and life, WE CAN HELP YOU. 

We have two spots available for 1:1 Business Coaching. Apply

Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,


Artemis Scantalides
Founder & Owner
EmpowerU Online Coaching
I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Workshops
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