My top 5 Habit for Success

At the beginning of this year, when I set out to pivot my online business from fitness and nutrition coaching to business coaching, and grow it multiple 6-figures, on my journey to 7-figures, I knew I had to do things drastically differently than I had done in the past.

Up until that point I had been successful transitioning my business 100% online and growing my business from $30k-$100k in 10 months, BUT…

it was at the cost of both my mental and physical health.

I was burnt out.

Mentally, I was out of stamina and creativity to keep going.

Physically, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Adrenal Dysfunction.

As a result, I had complete adrenal burnout with flatlined cortisol and was struggling to regulate my Hashimoto’s and low thyroid.

This was the third time in my career as a fitness professional that I had experienced significant burnout, so I knew that something was missing.

In order to continue to grow and scale my business I knew I had to adapt habits that would help me to take care of myself, and my physical and mental health FIRST, so that I did not keep burning out.

That’s when I took a leap of faith and invested a petrifying, pants-pooping amount of money in a high level business coach+mastermind to help me level up and make the drastic change that I needed to make…

To do the deep inner work, let go of limiting beliefs and adapt habits that would help me to reinforce this change so that I was actually capable of growing my dream 7-figure empire.
After hiring my business coach, I started to do a lot of things differently in my business, but these 5 habits are the top 5 habits that had the most impact

MEDITATE. When I decided to start a daily meditation practice, I discovered that If I didn’t do it first thing in the morning, right after I got out of bed, that it wouldn’t happen.

Meditating is literally the first thing that I do after I get out of bed.

I make the bed and then go straight to our guest room to meditate.

I never skip it, because if I do, it feels like something is missing.

Even when I don’t feel like it, and in October I had an entire month of that, I still kept up with my practice.

JOURNAL. I started to use a Best Self journal this year. This journal set me up for many of the new habits that I started this year and keeps me accountable.

I have one journal that I write in for meditation and then I use my Best Self journal to write my morning and evening gratitude and map out my goals and task list.

PRACTICE AFFIRMATIONS & DAILY GRATITUDE. Within my daily meditation and journaling practice, I started to practice daily affirmations and gratitude.

For those of you who think that positive affirmations are a bunch of woo woo…

If you have big goals, and want to achieve them along with big change, then you need to do the woo woo shit.

The most successful people in business and in life do ALL the woo woo shit.

In fact, there is actually both a science and psychology to how positive affirmations and daily gratitude help your brain change the negative to positive…

THE SCIENCE – Positive affirmations and daily gratitude boost dopamine, our “feel good/happiness” neurotransmitter.


THE PSYCHOLOGY – As it relates to neuroplasticity, both  rewire your brain to regularly think more positive, which helps you to feel more happy.

Therefore, both positive affirmations and daily gratitude are essential elements that will help you to build a positive mindset.

LISTEN AND/OR READ BOOKS. I have always been an avid reader and as my focus changed to growing my business, I found that I had less and less time to read.

To solve that, this year I started listening to books on audible.

It’s been a GAME CHANGER for me.

Those who are successful aren’t necessarily innately smarter, they just always stay at least one step ahead by always reading and learning.

HIRE A COACH AND/OR JOIN A MASTERMIND GROUP. Hiring my business coach and joining a mastermind group was the catalyst for all of the changes that I made this year, especially these top 5.

Being a part of a mastermind with a high-level coach and a group of ladies who are all leagues ahead of me in their businesses, inspires and motivates me to keep striving for success.

We know 2020 has been rough for EVERYONE.

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