F The Plan! Flow+Alignment Are Far More Important

Today I want to share a personal story with you about something that came to a head last week…

I want to share it with you because I know that there is at least one, if not one hundred, entrepreneurs and business owners (and probably some non-business owners!) out there who need to hear this… 

ESPECIALLY as we approach the end of the calendar year.

About six weeks ago, when I returned from a business retreat in Tulum for the business mastermind that I am in, I came home with a very aggressive launch plan for the last quarter of this year.

The sole goal of this launch plan was so that I could hit my annual revenue goal for this year.

It was strictly financial driven.

Yes, there were programs in there that I felt really great about, and was truly inspired to share with people, to help people, like our Energy Reboot

BUT it was super aggressive and created with the main goal for us to hit our annual revenue goal.

So, we got to work on it – me, Eric, and our team… but, something felt off

I felt off for ALL of October…

I felt completely blocked to EVERYTHING – creativity, motivation, inspiration, meditation… and I felt a lot of resistance…

I literally felt like I had a two ton elephant sitting on my chest and I felt so blocked in my gut that I couldn’t connect to any intuition or visualization when I meditated.

Granted, I was dealing with some health issues too, because as you know, I came back from Mexico with a heavy duty stomach bacteria…

But I knew that was probably a very small part of the issue and not the reason why I felt the way that I did.

We launched our first initiative – our 1:1 Marketing Intensives – and then we bagged it after a week.

Not that the 1:1 Marketing Intensives weren’t a good offer – they were an AHHMAZING offer.

BALLER in fact.

BUT something just wasn’t right.

So then we moved onto our Energy Reboot, which we were and still AREwicked excited about…

But then again something felt off…

I couldn’t get clarity around any of the launch dates…

I went back, forth, and up and down a million times and I literally could not make a decision!

And then anytime I thought about the content that I had to create for it, I felt completely overwhelmed.

OVERWHELM: When you make the unhelpful decision to stop breathing, lose perspective, and forget you’re in control of your life.

You see, I am the primary content creator (e.g. emails, sales pages, etc.) and front facing marketing person for our business and there is A LOT of pressure with that.

I’m the person who writes any and all emails (e.g. launches, newsletters, etc.), marketing copy for sales and webinar pages, and the bulk of the social media content.

It’s A LOT.

So, last Monday, when we had our team meeting and we were going over the launch plan for the Energy Reboot and all the content that I was going to have to create for the launch and the program – the emails, the social media posts, the marketing copy for webinars, finish the sales page, etc. – I LITERALLY had a panic attack.

No exaggeration.

And it wasn’t a small panic attack either.

This was one of the biggest panic attacks I’ve had in about 10 years.

The two ton elephant on my chest doubled in size…

The elevator doors closed and claustrophobia kicked in…

and then my brain shut down and I literally could not think.

If I wasn’t on our team call, then I probably would have burst into tears and cried a seriously ugly, hysterical cry.

About an hour later, when my body finally came down from the panic attack, the aftermath of it was like I had just been in a car accident or I had just experienced an almost near death experience and survived.

It was THAT bad. 

I started getting panic attacks when I was 31 but I haven’t had one in a really long time because I’ve learned how to manage stress through, 

  • meditation
  • positive affirmations
  • journaling
  • walks
  • hormone balance, etc. 

But, since we’ve been scaling our business this year and doing a lot of “doing”, instead of “being”, I have not taken time out to breath and take a break.

As a result, my body was giving me a sign to CHILL THE F OUT.

After my panic-attack-induced-team-meeting-call, Eric suggested that we postpone the Energy Reboot and focus on one-on-one coaching.

I resisted his suggestion and decided to push through, and then on Wednesday I had another panic attack.

That’s when I finally gave in and agreed with Eric that we should postpone the Energy Reboot

That same day, I met with my business coach and she confirmed that I should postpone the Energy Reboot and for the rest of the year, do whatever it is for my business that FEELS GOOD.

WHICH, we determined was to focus on marketing one-on-one coaching.

After I made this decision, I felt like I was coming back to life after being possessed by the Mind Flayer/Shadow Monster from  Stranger Things.

I literally felt like I had been possessed for 6 weeks and when I woke up on that Thursday morning, I felt a little lighter, and a little more free.

Then as the days passed, I started to feel more and more like myself.

A HUGE weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Even though the launch plan looked great on paper, it was specifically geared towards money and to hitting a revenue goal and it blocked any room for intuition, flow, fluidity, and JOY.

It boxed me in and made me feel like a content robot and sucked all the fun out of my business.

When it comes to business, when you are an entrepreneur, not only is joy, excitement and flow ESSENTIAL, but your intuition is EVERYTHING.Your intuition is what makes you the money and drives your business…

BECAUSE when you create something based upon your intuition it comes from a place of service, excitement and joy.

SO, of course, if you do that, it’s going to come back and pay dividends.

If you stifle that in any way, like what I did with that launch plan, which we ALL do as entrepreneurs, then you box yourself in, and push against resistance, and your business will not be successful.

It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how long you have been in business, it still happens!

I’ve been a business owner for TEN YEARS and it still happens…

But what you get better at after you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while and what I’ve become better at, is learning how to stop it before it explodes.

Learning how to pivot and make the change that you need to make so that you don’t continue to go down the deep dark path with the Mind Flayer Shadow Monster waiting for you at the end of the path.

You get better at managing it and stopping it in the nick of time before it goes too far.

As Eric would say, THAT is what true leadership is.

SO, I’m letting it go because I want to come back to my flow…and because the flow, the intuition, the joy…

ALL OF THAT…is what will make your business THRIVE.

If you don’t hit your revenue goals for the year, it doesn’t matter.


You don’t need to hit your revenue goals for 2020.

You’ve done enough.

That THING you think you have to do because you put so much work into it?

You don’t. 


Just relax, enjoy your business and have some fun.

You got into owning a business because you loved being an entrepreneur and a business owner so get back to THAT.

I hope that sharing this very personal story helps you because I really want to make sure that you always remember why it is that you came to be an entrepreneur and business owner.

 is the most important thing.

With that, we are postponing the Energy Reboot until January 2021.

We will be sharing tons of information about the Reboot between now and then and if you want to get on the waitlist, you can get on the waitlist ⇒ HERE ⇐ .

In the meantime, we have TWO 1:1 Business Coaching spots available. If you’d like to explore 1:1 coaching with us, you can apply ⇒ HERE ⇐ .

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Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,

Artemis Scantalides
Founder & Owner
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