Know Your Worth. Then Add Tax.

For those of us who choose to be coaches because it is our life’s passion, we think it’s the most incredible job that we could ever have.

“OMG! We get paid to help people! How AMAZING is that?!” 


So much so that you’ll hear coaches say that they would do it for FREE.

In fact, many of you who are coaches don’t even want to get paid for what you do.

Not only would you do it for free, but also you have trouble charging what you are worth and accepting money for what you do for work.

Let’s get real here, to most people, what we do for a living sounds like the WORST JOB IN THE WORLD! 

When you tell anyone who doesn’t have a desire to be a coach for a living, that you listen to people’s problems, and everything that goes on in their crazy, maniacal brains and help them to improve their mindset, change their behavior, and solve their problems, I guarantee you that most people would tell you that you could not pay them enough money to do what we do because it’s sounds HORRIBLE and HARD.

BUT to us, it sounds like the BEST thing in the world, and we don’t think it’s hard, because we were born to do what we do.

Yet, time after time after time, I work with coaches who, 

…struggle to charge what they are worth

…struggle to raise their prices 

…struggle to accept money for what they do

They want to give away so much for free and discount for this reason and that reason.

It’s a serious f-ing MONEY STRUGGLE.

But it’s not JUST a money struggle. It’s also a SELF-WORTH struggle.

When you charge a lower rate, a rate that you know is less than you and your services are worth, or discount your services, then you are saying that YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT.

You are saying that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

When you do this, you are undervaluing yourself AND you prevent your clients from investing in themselves.

You are also keeping yourself, and your clients, at a low energy vibe.

A low vibe = lack and scarcity.

When your clients pay more money it elevates them to a new level, a higher frequency, where they attract more of what they want.

A higher energy vibe = more money, more abundance.

The same goes for YOU spending money and investing in yourself…

Investing in something at a higher price, ALSO puts YOU at a higher energy vibe.

When you spend more money you put yourself at a higher energy vibe and a higher frequency to receive more money.

You are saying YOU ARE WORTH IT, 

SO, just as you will make more money if you charge higher rates, the bigger the investment you make in your business, the more money you will make in return.

If you don’t invest any money in yourself or your business and give away free sh*t, or settle for a cheap coaching program then you and your business will continue to have THE MONEY STRUGGLE.

You need to tell the universe that YOU ARE F*ING WORTH IT!

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Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


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