Stop The Money Struggle Madness is FINALLY HERE!

Artemis and Eric here!

We are SO excited to share with you the >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< course!

Some consider today, April 15, Tax Day, the worst money day ever ;), so we figured, let’s make it THE BEST money day ever and launch the >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< course! 

This course will help you to,

→  heal your relationship with money

→ tell a new story with money

→ learn how to manifest all of the money and your life dreams that you desire!

We’ve each had our own money struggles, both individually and as a couple and business partners who experienced, survived and overcame Entrepreneurial Poverty.

Plus, we also grew up learning a lot of the same limiting beliefs around money like:

→ You have to work hard to make a lot of money…

→ Money doesn’t grow on trees…

→ THEY have money but we don’t…

Also, growing up, neither one of us were taught how to manage money like build wealth and pay off credit cards.

We were taught how to use credit cards, but not how to make a plan and take action to pay them off beyond the minimum monthly payment.

As a result, we both had similar experiences with money coming into our lives and then leaving quickly thereafter, teaching us that, 

→ Money was not safe…

→ Money was not reliable…

→ Money comes, but it leaves even faster…

Throughout our lives we both rode a rollercoaster ride of money coming and going, in and out of our lives, along with accumulating debt, and then paying it off, only to build it back up again to an unmanageable amount. 

Artemis: “This led to me believing that I was “bad with money”…”

Eric: “This led to me avoiding conversations about money or taking action with money..”

Our unhealthy relationship with money carried forward into our business and after we closed our gym in 2016 we both adamantly decided that we NEVER wanted to go back to,

→ struggling with money

→ avoiding money

→ not knowing how to manage money or build wealth

→ feeling that money was unsafe and unreliable

→ or feeling guilty and ashamed to want more money and to live in abundance that supports us and others.

As a result, through combining practical principles and spiritual strategy, we’ve spent the last 5 years,

→ working on healing our relationship with money

→ becoming masters of money management 

→ learning how to be master manifestors and money magnets

→ and building wealth through a daily practice of money mastery… that is TRULY a lifestyle! 

Now we have ZERO debt, run a thriving multiple 6-figure business, take one to two 2-week vacations to Hawaii each year, have our eyes on our DREAM $800k Las Vegas home with a refrigerator the size of a one-car garage, and have PLENTY of money in the bank.

The  >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<<  course combines the practical principles and spiritual strategy that we followed, and continue to follow, to live in abundance. 

One of the main principles of changing your 
relationship with money is BE, DO, HAVE.

The fundamentals for how we applied the DOing so that we could end our struggles, intuitively BE abundant, and HAVE the money, created the foundation for our signature EmpowerU money mindset and manifestation framework and we are SO excited to share this with you in the  >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< course.

→ Do you want to tell a new story with money?

→ Do you want to overcome your limiting beliefs with money and shift into an abundance mindset?

→ Do you want to learn how to receive with gratitude instead of with guilt?

→ Do you want to learn how to manifest money and become a master at managing your money?

→ Do you want to heal, forgive and release your past experiences with money?

→ Do you want to create the financial reality and dream life you’ve always wanted?

Then you don’t want to miss this course!

The >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<<  course combines practical principles with spiritual strategy to help you to tell a new story with money and learn how to apply, implement, and integrate it into your life so that you can not only manifest the monies, but also to manifest all of your dreams and desires!.

It’s manifestation and mindset with a practical framework!

We can’t wait to work with you and watch how your mindset and your life transforms!

>>> SIGN UP HERE <<<

This course will be taught LIVE this ONE TIME only AND will be offered at an insanely low price this ONE TIME only.

Deadline to sign up is April 25, 2021 and the course starts on April 26, 2021.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the only time this course will be taught LIVE!

See you in the course!

Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,

Artemis & Eric

Artemis Scantalides & Eric Gahan
Founders & Owners
EmpowerU Online Coaching
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