When I was younger I wanted a BMW, a Rolex, and to work in Hawaii. (A Message from Eric!)

Eric here!

It’s AMAZING to see how powerful our ability to manifest our wants and dreams can be when we look back at our childhood wishes and see when and which of our dreams came true!

It gives me goosebumps thinking about how POWERFUL our energy can be if we learn how to master it…

When I was about 10 years old I would tell my mom…

→ I want to move away from Ilion, NY (my super small hometown)

→ I want to have lots of money

→ I want to drive a BMW

→ I want to live in New York City

→ I want to wear a great suit and tie to work everyday.

Then, when I was a senior in high school I wrote in my yearbook under my picture… 

You know…in that area that says…”In Ten Years:”?

WELL, I wrote that in 10 years…

I would be the head athletic trainer at the University of Hawaii.


Why did I write Hawaii? I honestly have no idea, I just wrote it and wanted it!

Now at the age of 42, Artemis and I have in fact owned 3 BMWs.  

At one time we owned 2 fully loaded X1s and then made the decision to downsize to one fully loaded BMW X3.  

It took me a few years, but the BMW did come into my life…or should I say…

Our lives!

So, are you wondering about my dream of living in NYC and wearing a suit everyday?  

I figured out pretty early on in life that I wanted NOTHING to do with a suit and tie each day…


I did live in Boston, a major city, and that is where I met Artemis :)…


That detail of being a head athletic trainer at the University of Hawaii…

I am not the head athletic trainer at UH…(I have a much better job now ;))

BUT we DO vacation in Hawaii two times a year and one of them for two weeks!

We also have plans to own a home on the Big Island, so we can welcome all our friends and family for vacation and holidays.

You see, one of the secrets to manifestation is that you have to be open to ALL possibilities that the universe could deliver your dream to you by writing out the desire and then releasing this thought to the universe, 

“THIS! Or something BETTER!”

Why am I telling you these stories? 

To let YOU know YOU too can have ANYTHING you want.

Mine took a few years to manifest and… 

Actually they did not manifest until I did some serious behind the scenes work.

I took a good hard look at my limiting beliefs and my beliefs around money, decided to see things differently, and made a CHOICE to tell a new story with money.

As soon as I did the deep work, BEcame the person with the BMW, the trips to Hawaii, the HAVING the BMW and the trips to Hawaii were soon to follow.

You CAN truly have anything you want in life, you just have to BE, DO, and then HAVE it!

This is what makes the >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<<  course so special…

Many other money courses only focus on the DO and do not help you to learn how to apply the BEing so that you can DO and HAVE.

Our course helps you to not only learn the DO, but also practice and apply the BEing so that the DOing becomes more intuitive.

Artemis and I both worked on the BEing, until DOing became intuitive.

The fundamentals for how we applied the DOing so that we could end our struggles, intuitively BE abundant, and HAVE the money, are outlined in this course and created the foundation for our signature EmpowerU money mindset and manifestation framework.

These fundamentals continue to be the foundation for our personal and business growth and abundance with money as it is a DAILY practice!

The  >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< course combines practical principles with spiritual strategy to help you to tell a new story with money and learn how to apply, implement, and integrate it into your life.

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Deadline to sign up is April 25, 2021 and the course starts on April 26, 2021.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the ONLY time this course will be taught LIVE by Artemis and I together!

See you in the course!

Peace and Abundance,


Eric Gahan
Founder & Owner
EmpowerU Online Coaching
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