LADIES! We Know You Have A Lot Of Options…

Three years ago I started the strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift®. I created this workshop based upon how strength training strengthened and changed both my body and my mindset and based upon my experience training for the strength challenge, the Iron Maiden Challenge.

I created this workshop to not only teach women basic lifts and simple program design so that they could feel empowered, independent, and capable when it came to strength training, but also with the intent to help educate women, of all levels, about the importance of strength training as it pertains not just to strengthening their bodies, but also to strengthening their minds and spirits.

A little after a year that I started I Am Not Afraid To Lift®, I joined forces with clinical psychologist and mindset Jedi, Dr. Lisa Lewis, to add more depth to the strong mindset component of the workshop. To say that partnering with Lisa took the workshop to a whole other level is an understatement. Those who have attended the Mindset edition of Lift® can attest to this first hand.

Almost a year after partnering was Lisa, I decided it was time to expand the Lift® workshop yet again. Not only did I find that a one-day workshop was not enough time to cover everything that people wanted to cover, in the depth that they wanted to cover certain material, such as nutrition, but also, I was receiving requests to learn barbell lifts, in addition to the kettlebell and bodyweight lifts that were taught.

As such, last spring, I decided that it was time to create a weekend women’s strength retreat out of I Am Not Afraid To Lift®. I consulted with Lisa and she agreed. From there I needed to find a coach who was experienced in barbell lifting. Who better than highly sought after strength coach, physique competitor, and competitive powerlifter Julia Ladewski.

From there the three of us collaborated and made it happen.

I initially announced the Lift® Retreat back in September knowing that some ladies like to plan in advance.

We re-opened the Early Bird rate after the New Year for those ladies who may have missed the Early Bird back in the fall.

LADIES, we know you have a lot of choices when it comes to seminars.

There is the Girls Gong Strong empowerment weekend in April, which is awesome.

There is also the Fitness Summit in May, also awesome. Which, by the way Tony Gentilcore is going to forgo speaking at, in order to babysit for Tony and Lisa’s baby that is due any day now.

Despite all of the options that you have before you for fitness seminars and women empowerment weekends, we hope that you will consider attending I Am Not Afraid To Lift® – THE RETREAT on May 5-7, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa.

At the Lift Retreat you will learn,

  • Kettlebell Lifts
  • Barbell Lifts
  • Bodyweight Lifts such as the pull-up and push-up, which will include techniques for a stronger pull-up and push-up and where to start if you are starting at the beginning.
  • Strength Program Design
  • Strong Mindset Strategies such as how to improve your inner dialogue, own your lifts in the gym, and live “in the day” when it comes to your nutrition.
  • A combined science-based, and habit-based approach to nutrition that is sustainable.
  • Business Guidance
  • Personal Trainers who attend will receive .8 NASM CEUs.
  • and SO MUCH MORE! Learn more and register HERE

In addition, the cost of the event is an almost ALL-INCLUSIVE cost which includes lodging and most meals.

Early Bird rate and payment plan available through February, 26, 2017.

We hope that you will join us! We promise you will not regret it.

Get all the details and register for the Retreat HERE.


ALL registration closes on March 26, 2017.

You can read all the details about the Retreat and register HERE

(.8 NASM CEUs approved, I Am Not Afraid To Lift® is a registered trademark.)

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