One of my energetic minimums is only flying first class.

Recently I wrote an Instagram post about Intentional Spending and how Intentional Spending elevates you into OVERFLOW.

However, before you are able to confidently release money with gratitude and joy on a large purchase or investment…

…which in turn, when released with gratitude and joy, raises your energetic frequency with money and positions you to receive money and an overflow of abundance…

FIRST, you must master the first two phases of money…

There are 4 Phases Of Money,

PHASE ONE → Receiving/Earning Phase

PHASE TWO → Keeping Phase

PHASE THREE → More Than Enough Phase

PHASE FOURLiving With Overflow & Do Good Things With It Phase

Before you can step into Phases Three and Four of having more than enough money, i.e. Overflow, and doing good things with it like,

→ supporting others with it…

→ philanthropy, and/or… 

→ paying off your debt…

You MUST learn how to master Phases One and Two.

As you master Phase TwoKeeping Money…

→ learning how to have money

→ what it FEELS like to have money, and 

→ feeling comfortable with having money and being someone who has money…

THIS is when you will step into Intentional Spending that will elevate you into Overflow and help you to step into Phase Three.

However, most people stay stuck in Phase One because they have trouble keeping money after they receive it.

There are two things that cause you to stay stuck in this phase:

ONE.Your limiting beliefs related to having money, for example…

→ You believe that you are not worthy of having the money OR 

→ You’re afraid that having money will turn you into a selfish a-hole.


TWO.Your energetic minimums around money, for example…

→ Your energetic minimum for your checking account is that you are OK having a $0 balance. 

→ Anytime you receive money, you have an expense or a bill for the exact same amount that takes the money away.

I had my first experience with Intentional Spending when I made the pants pooping, sprinkled with excitement, $30.3k investment in my business coach’s (Amanda Bucci) mastermind program.

When I made this investment, I couldn’t believe that I was committing to invest this much money.

I felt nauseous and insane excitement like I was running down the street buck naked all at the same time.

It was the first time that I was aware of how exciting an intentional purchase of this caliber made me feel energized and exhilarated about my future and the opportunities it would bring.

This was my first conscious experience with Intentional Spending and how it helps you to LEVEL UP AND elevates you into an overflow of abundance.

When you spend a significant amount of money that is out of your comfort zone on something you want, but part of you thinks that you are “not ready” or “not worthy” of having yet, it elevates you to a higher monetary energetic frequency…

Which, IN TURN, attracts the same level of monetary abundance back into your life.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now someone who it is “normal” for to invest $30.3k on yourself, your personal development, and your business.

Stepping out of my financial comfort zone in my business was the catalyst for me to…

→ want to level up my relationship with money so that I could master receiving and spending with gratitude and excitement

→  apply a practice of Intentional Spending in not only my business but also in my personal life, AND 

→ step into OVERFLOW.

An example of Intentional Spending in my personal life is ONLY flying first class.

Last year Eric and I talked about how one of our money goals was to get to the point that we ONLY flew first class.

WELL, this year, we raised our Energetic Minimum and COMMITTED to it.

This doesn’t mean that we go into debt to fly first class…


What it means is that it is our new standard, so we PLAN for it.

For example, this summer we will take our annual summer vacation to the Big Island, Hawaii and we are PLANNING on spending $3k – $4k on two first class tickets…

AND we are excited to do this!!

We know that it will make it that much more of a REAL vacation, and that we will truly enjoy the flying experience, and get off the plane feeling rested and energized!

Recently I purchased a first class ticket to fly to Austin, Texas for a business retreat and I felt BETTER about purchasing an $800 first class ticket than I did spending $200 on the cattle call coach chaos of Frontier or Spirit.

Purchasing this ticket made me feel EXCITED to fly and EXCITED for  this trip!

To master Phases One+Two, so that you can break out of Phase Two and cross the bridge into Phase Three, OVERFLOW, raise your Energetic Minimums, and practice Intentional Spending, you must, 

→ Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs around money

→ Write your new abundant money story

→ Step into your new abundant money story and start living it

→ Master the energy and frequency of money and shifting from scarcity to abundance

Once you’re able to do that, then you will truly embody, and understand, what the energy of abundance, money, and manifestation is…

FROM THERE, you can start to engage in Intentional Spending.

You CANNOT engage in Intentional Spending if you are operating from a place of scarcity.

You CANNOT spend from a place of fear, worry, anxiety, and scarcity

You MUST be able to spend and participate in Intentional Spending from a place of gratitude, love, excitement, and abundance.

In >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< we help you learn how to,

→ receive and spend with gratitude, love, excitement, and abundance…

→ build wealth and get comfortable with being someone who HAS money…

→ bust out of Phase Two and step into Phase Three, OVERFLOW!

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Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


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