How we manifested our move to Las Vegas.

Do you remember Eric’s story about his childhood dream of wanting to work in Hawaii?

AND how eventually, at age 39 the universe delivered Hawaii to him, but not exactly in the way that he asked for when he was 10 years old?

Well, I TOO have a childhood story about a dream of Hawaii which manifested itself when I was 41 years old (CRAZY! I KNOW!)

…as well as other stories about how I manifested many of my other dreams in real life, INCLUDING, how we manifested our move to Las Vegas.

As I share these stories with you, remember one of the foundational principles of manifestation that Eric shared with you, which was…

When writing out your desires and manifesting them it’s always, 

“THIS! Or something BETTER!”

More on that in a little bit, but NOW, it’s Story Time

When I was in second grade (1982), I lied to my teacher about taking a family vacation to Hawaii…

We had just returned to school after February vacation in Newton, MA and our class assignment was to write about our February vacation.

My family didn’t go anywhere for February vacation, and in fact we rarely, if ever, went away over the February and April vacations but it was very common in Newton for people to go away over both vacations.

As my mom would say, “Everyone is either in Florida, the Carribean, or the Alps skiing while we’re at home shoveling snow!”

I felt embarrassed and ashamed that we didn’t go anywhere and didn’t want to tell anyone that, because it seemed like all my classmates had gone somewhere and were eager to share.

This experience and my mom’s commentary affirmed the limiting belief, 

THEY have money but we don’t…

Even though we were always provided for, and lived in the same neighborhood as the people who took 2-3 vacations per year, I learned the belief that we didn’t fit in… 

…and like any child, or human being for that matter, I wanted to fit in.

(Side Note: As I am sharing these stories, you must know that I am not blaming my parents for anything. My parents were incredible, supportive parents who were always present in our lives and did the best that they could given their backgrounds, experiences, and their own limiting beliefs. This goes for ALL of our parents!)

So, in an effort to fit in, when the student teacher asked me where we went on vacation, I replied with, 


Then I proceeded to lie about all the things we did on this tropical vacation while the student teacher helped me to draw about it.

When my mom came to pick me up after class that day, the student teacher asked my mom, “How was your trip to Hawaii?”.

My mom replied, confused, “Hawaii??! We didn’t go to Hawaii!”.

Then the student teacher told her that for the class assignment I said that we went to Hawaii.

After my lie was revealed, I felt even more ashamed and embarrassed and buried my face in my mom’s stomach.

I couldn’t look the student teacher in the eyes… I just wanted to go home and hide.

I still wanted to go to Hawaii though ;), and held on to this dream my entire life, until finally, after we moved to Las Vegas, Eric and I took a summer vacation to Hawaii.

After that trip, we were HOOKED.

Hawaii was OUR place, especially The Big Island.

We felt like we were HOME.

We went on to get married there and since that first trip in 2017 we vacation in Hawaii 1-2 times per year for 2 weeks at a time.

It is heavenly! AND both of our childhood dreams come true!

As for manifesting our move to Las Vegas…

After enduring the harsh Boston winters year after year, ESPECIALLY while owning a gym and having to wake up at 4am to shovel, clean our car, and open the gym at the crack of dawn in the frigid darkness, we reached a breaking point in 2015.

In February 2015, Boston was hit with record, consecutive frigid temps, and over 7 feet of snow over the course of only 21 days!

There was no where to put the snow, and in fact Boston created “snow farms” to contain the snow, and the snow banks were piled so high when you walked out of your house it was like you were leaving your house and walking into an igloo, and it was a total crap shoot pulling out of your driveway.

Maybe you’d get hit by an oncoming car or maybe you’d get lucky!

It was that year that we decided we were DONZO!

We vowed that after we were done owning the gym that we were going to move somewhere with better weather, where we NEVER needed to shovel ever again, and a lower cost of living.

During the winter of 2015 we started to explore North Carolina and to think about other places we might move. 

Fast forward to August 2016, Eric was searching for Athletic Training jobs, and one day as he sat on the couch and I was standing in the kitchen, he asked me, “What do you think about moving to Las Vegas?”

I said, “SURE!”

And with that, he applied for the job at Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and we ended up moving here and lived happily ever after.

NOW, the circumstances that brought about this move and helped us to manifest our dream to move somewhere with better weather, no snow, and a lower cost of living, were NOT ideal and in fact were extremely traumatic (i.e. our gym)

BUT that’s when the Universe stepped in with,

“THIS! Or something BETTER!”

When you write out the desire that you want to manifest, you have to let go of the HOW and allow the Universe to do the heavy lifting and figure out the HOW for you and deliver it to you in “Divine Order” and in a way that is the greatest good for all.

If you try to push, force, control, or manipulate the HOW this could lead to…

Manic Manifesting → When you are frantically applying all the spiritual tools, like meditating, affirmations, journaling, etc.

BUT, energetically, you are not tuned into the Universe at all. 

Your energy is out of alignment and you are in a mode where you are trying to “get” instead of “allowing yourself to receive” with love and gratitude.

AND/OR being…

A PusherWhen you try to push and control to reach your goals and achieve your desires to feel safe

When you are A Pusher you believe that the more you do, the more you will achieve.

You are trying to “make things happen” rather than “allowing yourself to attract NATURALLY”.

Both block abundance.

When you are manifesting, and you put your dream out there for the Universe to deliver, the Universe will deliver it at the time that is the best time for you to receive it.

→ You have to be ready to receive it…

→ You cannot have any resistance to it…

→ AND it needs to be delivered to you in what’s called, “Divine Order”

SO, it might manifest itself in a timeline that is not exactly when you want it to happen, and it may manifest itself in a way that is not exactly the way you had planned for it to manifest.

The Universe has no concept of time.

Time is something that WE as humans have made up.

The Universe also does not know dollar amounts or big, lofty goals vs. smaller, seemingly “easier” goals.

There is no difference to the Universe between asking for $5 or $500,000.

It’s all about YOU

YOU releasing resistance…

YOU believing that it is possible…

YOU having the space in your life to welcome it…

→  AND it has to align with “Divine Order”.

Once you learn how to align your energy with your desires (i.e. feel it as if you already have it) and the Universe, and then let go of the HOW and be open to receive, then the Universe will deliver.

In >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< we help you to learn how to,

→ align your energy and desires with the universe (i.e. feel the thing you want as if you already have it!)…

→ let go of the HOW, (which is one of the hardest things to do!)…

→ allow yourself to receive.

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Sending Vibes of Positivity and Abundance,


p.s. I also manifested our Frenchie pup, Miki and my job at Cirque du Soleil KÀ, but I will save those stories for some of the  >>> Stop The Money Struggle Madness <<< LIVE trainings 😉 …  

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