Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of fitness pros smashing their limiting beliefs and expectations.

We have a HUGE announcement today and honestly, we’re impressed with ourselves for keeping it quiet until launch day.

We have been absolutely buzzzzzzing with aligned excitement about introducing you to…

>>> The Make the Monies Mastermind <<<





The >>> Make the Monies Mastermind <<< is a product of our decades of experience in the fitness industry.

Our years running our own online fitness businesses.

Our EmpowerU Business Academy success.

We encountered this really freaking incredible problem:

Our EmpowerU Business Academy students’ businesses were growing!

They launched their businesses, they got the clients, they made the money, and all of a sudden, they were hitting the 6-figure mark at an incredible rate.

(Seriously. Have you ever watched popcorn pop? That’s what it felt like seeing all these businesses explode. Pop! Pop! Pop!)

Our clients needed support to take them to the next level.

Because a 6-figure business is a different ballgame.

We have been coaching these clients one-on-one and helping them create the businesses of their dreams. There are more multiple 6-figure businesses on our client roster now than we can count.

But there was one thing missing: Community.

When you hit new levels in your business, you need to level-up your peers as well.

The >>> Make the Monies Mastermind <<< is going to give you just that.

We’re going to give you all the one-on-one support and coaching you need to take your business into the multiple 6-figure zone, and we’re going to surround you with other inspiring business owners on your level.

Are you ready to Make allllll the Monies?

Let’s do it together.

>>> Read more and apply here. <<<

Sending vibes of positivity, abundance, and OMG IT’S HAPPENING!

Artemis & Eric

Founders & Owners
EmpowerU Online Coaching
Follow us on Instagram @Artemis_Scantalides and @Eric_Gahan_

P.S. If you haven’t already registered, we are hosting a FREE >>> How to Build Your Dream Team Masterclass <<<  today at 2:00 PM PDT. If you want a sustainable 6-figure business that doesn’t burn you out, you’re going to want to register. See you there!

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